Clippers Sale to Steve Ballmer: Is It Worth $2B?

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Aug. 12 (Bloomberg) –- Former NBA Front Office Executive Andy Dolich, Co-Director of NYU’s Sports and Society Program Lee Igel and Bloomberg’s Scott Soshnick discuss the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to billionaire Steve Ballmer. They speak on "Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

A pretty amazing day.

A lot that led up to this.

Think about how trying the last 3.5 months have been.

Patience, patience.

Steve has been near the goal line before only had it river back to sacramento.

So i can understand why he thought this might not close.

Here is the thing, the team is his.

I just got off the phone with steve ballmer moments ago, and we all know and can appreciate just exactly how enthusiastic steve ballmer is in general.

I think you have probably seen the video of him in the microsoft video.

You can imagine what it will be like on the sidelines of the court.

He was very excited on the phone . he said i am absolutely thrilled.

He said i am the kind of person come it is my kind of personality where i need to see all of the eyes dotted and t's crossed before i can really feel like something is done.

I needed to no money had changed hands.

A little perspective i can offer on this, just over the past week and a half or so, this has been a very interesting legal back and forth.

You have the judge coming out and saying donald sterling has the right to sell the team.

Then on friday we sell donald sterling's lawyers basically asked the appellate court if they would hear the case.

The appellate court said no, they were not going to hear it.

They send that back.

Just last night donald sterling's lawyers put in their objection, and the judge came out with the final ruling this morning.

It was my understanding from sources that steve ballmer's lawyer was quite convinced this would happen.

He had everyone working through the night to make sure everything was closed.

Why was that so significant that the judge come out and make a final order and immediately after we saw the closing of the deal?

I think the big story is how many $2 billion deals second down this quickly with this much attention?

How many that go down this quickly?

I think it is a great thing to look at.

I think they wanted to make sure there were no other legal maneuvers.

That donald sterling could put out that.

To show you how desperately the nba wanted to close the deal, he was preapproved.

The board of governors are ready to approve him.

I did ask steve ballmer about the price.

I said you paid a lot of money, $2 billion.

He laughed really hard and said it is the price i paid, and i am thrilled.

He said i have a history of looking at tech companies come and i have to tell you they seemed like they are lower risk.

Basically saying he would have paid whatever he needed to pay that was his price.

He thinks it is worth it.

Is it worth $2 billion.

Time will tell.

Talk about closing bell's. it solidifies adam silver and the transition from david stern.

You look at the quality and we talk about steve being preapproved and what he represents on a global basis, the drama is done.

Talk about the deals being done quickly.

Ironic the dodgers deal was done quickly because of significant circumstance of bankruptcy in frank mccourt in a margaret -- marketplace that has as many eyeballs.

So adam silver and the nba smiling and famine owner that has ball in his name.

Could not have gone much better than this.

I cannot wait for the first clippers/mavericks came to see who jumps higher in the or side seats, cuban or ballmer.

I am betting on ballmer.

He did say, i asked what the management would be?

He said i am hands off.

I do not believe in micromanaging that said, he said i am not a basketball expert so i will not be good -- be designing plays but i am definitely enthusiastic.

It would occasionally give them something to cool.

They just need to think about fastball.

They have a championship caliber basketball team.

But if i had a nickel for every time i have heard an owner say i will be hands off, i would have bought the clippers.

That is what they say at the start.

Just how hands on he will be.

This is a $2 billion transaction.

He will who say up and down the lineup.

You did say he would be quite a presence of the games.

A lot of interesting excerpt

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