Climate Change a Very Important Issue: Plusquellic

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June 23 (Bloomberg) -- Akron Mayor Donald Plusquellic discusses what’s on the agenda at the 82nd annual meeting of The United States Conference of Mayors in Dallas TX. Plusquellic speaks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

From income inequality to racial politics after the donald sterling fiasco.

Joining us now is a democrat hailing from akron, ohio, who has served as the president of the u.s. conference of mayors before.

Mayor, thank you for joining us this morning.

What did you get out of this weekend so far, mayor?

We have addressed just about every issue in the united states and one of the things we talked about is that mayors take responsibility in their city.

Many of us to not have legal authority over the schools, but we know a good education is one of the most fundamental parts of having a good community.

We get involved in the schools.

We are involved in climate protection, trying to reduce the carbon footprint.

There are a lot of issues we are involved in.

That's right.

I imagine there are a lot of issues to tackle in almost all of them seem just as important as the other one.

How do you figure out, among you mayors, how do you figure out what you are going to tackle in the next three months, six months, what is most urgent?

We have a resolution process.

There is an official policy resolution.

We put it in writing.

That is the charge to the staff.

To lobby on the hill, put it in the white house, to do the necessary things in washington.

We're doing things and task forces and committees to address things as they come up.

The donald sterling singh, who would have imagined in today's world that that would have hit?

-- the donald sterling thing him who would have imagined in today's world at that -- that that would have hit?

Cities are involved in sports franchises.

We have major investments in facilities.

Those issues that are social, that address issues in our society, i think mayors are leaders and it has been a tradition -- this is our 82nd year of meeting and we literally address every issue that affects our citizens.

That is one, especially think about kevin johnson played in the nba, great all-star, lived in akron, ohio, when he played for cleveland, there is another crossover, with kevin being the president.

You mentioned the whole climate change issue and how mayors are signing on to fighting climate change.

You know hank paulson, the former treasury secretary wrote an op-ed in the "new york times" and he said, we are staring down a climate bubble that poses enormous risk to both our and firemen and economy.

The warning signs are clear and growing, more urgent as the risks go unchecked.

He said we are going to see a climate crash, the way we saw one of the financial crisis in 2008. how alarming is that to you?

It is very alarming.

We have been working at this for years, looking at ways in the cities to reduce traffic, reduce the carbon foot rent -- footprint.

We have been addressing our local level, lowering our carbon footprint, the amount of carbon that goes in the air to deal with planting more trees, doing things environmentally sound to be able to protect the environment.

I happen to think it is a very important issue and i use it like life insurance.

Do you see it as a climate crash?

Well i am not an expert on that, but i believe in experts.

All most every legitimate scientist comes down on the side that we are having significant climate changes.

If that affects my grandchildren, i am very worried about it.

I want to leave a better world to my grandchildren.

It is something that our generation needs to do and address and a realistic way and we may not absolutely have a crash, but it is like life insurance.

We all don't die everyday, but we pay our life insurance premiums.

It is something our country in the world has to address.

Did your republican colleagues sign on as well?

Many republicans feel that what is good for the country is not a political issue and that issues are not right-wing and left-wing and all the kinds of things that they get involved and in washington.

There was an old saying, there is no republican or democrat way to pick up garbage, we all of that responsibility.

I think this group works better than any in the country to bring together democrats and republicans to work on issues that we face.

You know the republicans have been the ones who have blocked any type of remedies that have been proposed on climate change.

Well, i understand that.

That is what folks in washington are working in a different way than we work here.

There are differences.

I have differences within my own party on how to proceed on various issues, fighting for jobs, trying to address public safety.

I think this group comes together in a nonpartisan way, as much as possible, as much as anyone in our country, to address issues that are not really a republican issue or democratic issue.

I god, these are -- income

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