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April 11 (Bloomberg) –- Clevertech Founder & CEO Kuty Shalev discusses how his company can help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life to online and mobile platforms in 30 to 90 days. He speaks to Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Everyone is going to want.

But you know have the technological expertise to see it through to completion.

-- kuty, thank you for being here.

What is clevertech?

How do you describe it to people who are not clever, not technologically advanced?

It is a digital product development agency.

What we do is help entrepreneurs ring their ideas to life.

What is an example?

For example, if you look at our most exciting clients,

They were founded by the cofounder of humor -- huma.

We started with them at the beginning.

We created a minimal viable product.

We delivered in 30 days.

What is a minimal viable product?

When you examine an idea and you want to get it out to the marketplace, you want to validate, make sure people want what you are thinking about, develop just enough that people will be interested.

What was it for domino?

Domino was about home decor.

They wanted to create a pin board suitable could take different images and put it on the pin board and share with their friends.

Is this an expensive process?

I can give you an example.

We have a customer.

They had nothing.

They had to borrow from their friends, family.

They spent about $50,000 and we created an m.v.p. for them in 60 days.

Conde nast is one of the companies you have connection with., they went through a series a, and a series b. they are reimagining the future of magazines.

The same thing with viacom.

They come to you, or what happens?

A third-party comes in and says i have a great idea of how i can make something work better.

I want someone to build this to show to people.

Entrepreneurs love ideas.

There are some a people who have ideas a wanted test.

Lex ideas can be expensive to test.

How much would something like this cost you?

And m.v.p.. a minimal viable product.

If you had something that i want , what would something like that cost?

We always look to find ways to validate that the idea has legs.

You can create a space shuttle in 30 days.

You can try to find an idea that is going to be just enough that we can put out a website.

Thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands?

What should someone understand they have to have two see it through the first step.

Pin booster had $50,000. you need some capital in order to drive.

You mentioned the idea of putting something into the market.

Can you expand on that?

It is great to have an idea.

Execution is key to the adoption . we use lean startup principles.

But we're trying to accomplish is having just enough so we can examine the idea and find out if there is enough people who are signing up who have the need that you think they do.

What qualifies as enough?

You can download a specific app and you are always reading the reviews that other people have written.

You see how many stars there are.

I thousand users, 10,000? what is a great group of numbers?

Like that is one of the things we talk about.

Measures of success.

Had you define success for your industry?

They have a good clue.

It to be one person -- it could

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