Civil War Within GOP Is Hardly Over: Valliere

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Dec. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Gregory Valliere, Chief Political Strategist at Potomac Research Group Holdings, discusses the U.S. elections in both 2014 and 2016, and the state of both major political parties. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Have a great new year.

We go to someone i know will have a miserable new year.

He is with the atomic research group.

His job is to gain the house, the senate, and the president.

Thrilled to have you.

I believe next year is an election year.

How miserable will it be for the senate?

I think the senate is in play.

Good morning and happy new year, tom.

The magic number in the senate is 6. i think the republicans have an excellent chance of getting three or four seats.

Five or six is not out of the question.

You seek the senate employee, that will be the focus next year.

The article show this is a president that has to regroup.

What should we look for in the first 30, 31 days of 2014 on the presidents to do list?

What does he need to do when he comes back from hawaii?

You needs to knock the ball out of the park on january 28 for the state of the union address.

It will be a laundry list of proposals that will probably go nowhere like minimum wage, lots of things the democrats feel they have an advantage on.

The key for this president is, in my opinion, not obamacare.

That was the key in the year that is about to end.

I think the key for this president is whether the economy expands.

The chances are growing that the economy could surprise to the outside.

Renaissance group really talking up the gdp.

Greg, you're from new hampshire, which means you're hardwired on hesitant politics.

How presidential will next year be or is that a wait until 2015? i think around here -- i think if we are all here one year from now, we will be talking about people who are in the race.

I think several people by the fall will make it clear they are running.

We are to have a quiet sigh announcement from mike huckabee, but that is just the first the first of many.

I think hillary clinton will run.

Let's stay on that.

Hillary clinton has some huge benefits, has the ability to fund raise like nobody's business, but she also has bill clinton with her as well.

That can be an asset and liability.

What will he be in 2014? a blessing and occurs.

If we all remember in 2008 where he said some very intemperate things that hurt her in south carolina and elsewhere, but he is also a stemwinder and very, very popular within the pop -- within the group.

What i also think is fascinating is the civil war within the republican party is hardly over.

The twin the insurgents -- rand paul -- and the establishment -- karl rove and john mccain -- but that is a fight that will persist, i think, in 2014. what did you get wrong last year?

You're good about being hard on yourself.

As you finish 2013, what is the thing you said that you missed?

Boy, it has been a pretty darn good year for us and we have the former fed vice who had a tremendous year for casting.

I did not think there would be a shutdown in october until like a week or so before it, then, obviously, the handwriting was on the wall.

I sure did not think there was going to be a desolate crisis.

I would add, their stock would be a shutdown this winter and their stock when the big -- and there is not going to be a big debt crisis in the spring.

Can't wait to get you back.

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