Christmas Is the Black Friday for App Downloads

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Dec. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Adam Satariano reports on why Christmas has become the most lucrative day of the year for makers of mobile applications. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Smart phones and tablets in the first thing they want to do is start downloading games or picture taking apps, all sorts of different software tools you can get through an android device or an iphone or an ipad.

People unwrap their gifts in the first thing they want to do is take these gifts out for a test drive?

They will be downloading these apps.

What are the numbers we are talking about?

Last year was the record that stood until this christmas and we are talking almost 400 million downloads in a single day.

You can imagine that is a whole lot and that was 36% above the previous year.

Companies are really focusing on trying to capture that, companies like disney, electronic cards, they art tailoring their titles and releases to capture this kind of time.

In your piece, you start off talking with this app called club penguin that disney decided they will wait until christmas to release.

Yes, they have had this game online for a while but they have not released a full on ipad version.

Last year, they were wondering what a good time of year would be to release it.

They circled christmas 2013. they are expecting about half of their subscribers for the whole year over christmas.

That is disney and that's how they try to target christmas but there are other companies you mention in your piece to are trying to manipulate the apple rankings for most downloaded apps.

Tell me how this plays into the story?

The app ecosystem is gigantic.

Though google and apple store have about one million at each so it is hard to stand out.

One way that app developer standout is they buy this advertising in a way that guarantees a certain number of downloads.

It boosts your position in the apple leaderboard which makes you more visible when people are browsing.

It becomes a vicious cycle where if you get higher in the leaderboard, you get more downloads.

It is a practice that apple is trying to stamp out.

It has been hard to do and continues.

Very interesting, thank you so much.

It is time for our weekly check on linked in headlines.

This is the top story about ibm revealing its top five predictions for the next five years.

Ellis what they are.

Most of their predictions have to do with using our more digitally interconnected world to making z's your but the most interesting was that they believe that local retailers will trump online retailers in 2014. really?

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