Christie's Record $745M Art Sale: What Was Sold?

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May 14 (Bloomberg) -- Christie’s was propelled to its biggest auction ever by selling $745 million worth of art, fueled by Barnett Newman and Francis Bacon paintings and billionaires from around the world who competed for the masterpieces. Katya Kazakina has more on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Worth of art, and there's a commission in there.

Here to describe the option is bloomberg hoss on -- bloomberg's phone blo -- bloomberg's own katya kzakina.

And iconic painting sold for 84 million dollars and most likely went to an american collection.

It is very important historical work, so it was great to see that it became the most expensive lot of the sale.

Probably 94% of all of the loss were sold -- the lots were sold, so that is good for christie's. he gives them more credibility in the option space, right?

Only 4 lots failed to sell, and there was tremendous bidding from asia, europe, the rest of the world.

Indeed, as part of the reports of the auction itself, apparently christie's asian auctioneer was on the telephone throughout most of the evening, and that's where the bids came in.

What about the warhol paintings?

There were two in particular that went for high amounts.

The dealer compare them to some other prices, and it seemed like a great deal, but nevertheless, one of the works was a great painting of race riots.

Another was a beautiful white marilyn monroe portrait, and that is such an iconic image . $41 million for andy warhol's iconic image of marilyn monroe done after the death of the actress.

There was a mobile sculpture that actually hung above a lot of the bidders.

That most likely went to china.

It set an auction record.

It was very consciously places lot eight -- placed as lot eight

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