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March 25 (Bloomberg) -- Skateboarding champion Chris Cole discusses how he skated his way to success with Carol Massar and Bill Cohan on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

You have been doing this for a long time.

Is it true you got your first corporate sponsorship at the age of 16? it is funny.

It is such a whirlwind.

It was around then.

There have been -- on "frontline" thre was a documentary about young people creating their own brands.

Are you using skating to pump up your own brand and generating likes?

You are older than those kids.

You adapt to it for sure.

Was it is a way to directly interact with somebody especially with facebook and instagram and things like that where it is right in their face.

This is what you are doing.

I want to know what my favorite pros are doing so i follow them and they follow me and kids get to follow me and i try to not bombard them with bedposts.

I try to keep it classy out there.

What has someone like tony hawk meant to you?

He is the original.

He is the guy who would never anyone knows skateboarding they know who tony hawk is.

He is a household name.

I hope i will be like my generation's tony hawk.

Why is that important to you?

You know, i guess it simply is that i never wanted to do anything else other than skateboard.

As far as the job goes.

And i feel like there is a lot of people in the spotlight who are really great people and they are not great role models but we feed into it and we watch them on tv and we emulate their bad behavior.

I feel like i am not one of those people and i can really spread skateboarding and the treasure that skateboarding is to the next generation of skateboarders.

It brought so much enrichment into my life.

I hope i can bring it to theirs as well.

We are coming off the winter olympics when snowboarding seem to be featured every night and some of the snowboarders have become household names.

Shaun white and mark mccormack.

Is snowboarding a clip sing at all skateboarding?

Snowboarding owes so much of what it does and its popularity to skate court -- skateboarding.

We have -- is there a feeling that maybe snowboarding has eclipsed skateboarding?

Rex i feel like they are such a different animal.

I feel that also with that being said, skateboarding kind of just luckily for me is something that you can do right in front of your house.

You can do it at a skate park.

You can travel and do it.

It is not like you do not need to wait on snow.

You do not need to suit up to go out there with your lift ticket.

And if you miss it you have to hike back up.

A kid can go out front in the driveway and practice over and over.

That turkey wants to do right there.

We had him a few weeks ago and he talked about skateboarding and how it is a lifestyle.

Here's what he had to say.

I did things i felt were intuitive and were easily associated with our culture and our sport.

I feel like skateboarding is as much a sport as a lifestyle.

There is a much that transcends in terms of music and fashion and entertainment.

That is what i wanted to do.

I want to come out skateboarding in the best way possible through different media as well.

A lifestyle and easy to cross over to main street skateboarding.

I talked about this a lot.

There is a whole world in skateboarding.

It is like a trendsetting world where style starts there and then it gets in the mainstream.

And music game popularity -- gained popularity.

We all love the song but it is because this guy used it and it is an inspirational video part.

Things like that.

I think tony was dead on with what he said.

Worklife balance.

You travel a lot.

Has it been hard for you to balance a family with going around the world skateboarding?

Rex you have a couple of kids.

I have two awesome children.

My daughter who is four and my son who is almost a. my wife takes the brunt of the work.

I am gone a lot.

I think that to be pro-into travel in this day and age it is way easier than it used to be but being gone from my kids is hard.

You will get back to them.

Great stuff.

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