Choosing U.K., Europe Stocks Over U.S: Maisonneuve

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Virginie Maisonneuve of Schroders Investment Management discusses her portfolio and investment strategy. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "On The Move."

This is not a clear picture.

He has been saying it for a while.

The way he has done it is smart.

He's planted a seed from weeks to months ago.

He is waiting for the data.

We know the second half could be better.

There is an external influence on u.s.. it is a balancing act, isn't it?

He showed you that you can get a real moment.

Listen to your portfolio.

-- let's get to your portfolio.

I'm talking about a portfolio that includes emerging markets.

You can go anywhere in the world and get high conviction stocks.

This is german by stockpicking -- this is driven by stockpicking.

I like health care, i like staples.

I am a growth investor.

Balancing that with a cyclical of take -- uptake.

You're using the magical word, growth.

What is going on?

I thought the u.s. was in recovery mode?

There's a a difference between the macro and the bottom out.

The u.s. market has done very well.

The u.s. is towards its benchmark.

Benchmarks are not driving my convictions.

I like industrials.

I like consumer stocks.

I think in some financials in the u.s. recently that have done fantastically well.

On the other hand, europe and the uk, europe, just a month ago, was so cheap.

We had several ways of that.

-- waves of that.

This is what's driving the portfolio allocation.

Give me a idea of what you been able to get with value.

A company like snyder, for example.

The anchoring of the portfolio around staples and healthcare.

Mixing that with industrials, that is a good combination.

Stock is up over two percent you don't bank it.

That is not what is driving your thinking on a stock?

When we bought it , it was well covered.

A big pipeline.

There's still a lot of positive news to come out.

The u.s. market is a very large market in that area.

Staying in japan, you have smc.

It is coming in japan.

Fantastic revival from the country that was on its knees.

They still have a lot of demographic issues.

From an "added value" standpoint, it was held for.

-- helpful.


Is that with his they bet on?

-- is that what this is a bet on.

We move back into lowwe's. i would be getting up on stock in that sector.

Monthly data is not as strong emma but the trend is for recovery.

People will continue to oakland their house and renovate.

-- people will continue to equip their house and renovate.

Give me your top line on the end and currently -- current see -- currency.

My outlook on japan, after they lost their number two status to china, is that it is going to be difficult to had the same speed of weakness.

We should not expect too much.

Happy to have you with us this morning.

Head of global and international equities at investment

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