Chobani Yogurt CEO: I Had No Business Experience

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Feb. 12 (Bloomberg) –- Chobani CEO and Founder Hamdi Ulukaya discusses his rise to the top and manufacturing in the U.S. He speaks with Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Which meant nothing to anyone, into a massive business.

I understand you are saying good food and consumers care about it, but how did you start this?

Hope other entrepreneurs now.

Ash help other entrepreneurs -- help other entrepreneurs now.

I found out it is really simple.

It is not -- i found out in the journey, of course.

What i focused first is two years i lived in the fact that we make sure chobani is perfect.

Every minute, every second.

I got factory workers to tell me if they liked the way it looked than everything else.

How did you go from feta to yogurt?

We grew up on yogurt.

I knew there was not a good option in the market.

I look for a you are first and then found out there's a business opportunity.

A craft plant was closing after 95 years.

I bought it within fda loan and that is how it started.

You bought it within fda loan?

Could you have done this in any other country?

Could you have built this business in turkey?


this is the magic of this country.

Tiny town in upstate new york.

Five factory workers that work there for 15 years.

We started painting the walls first.

One thing i tell everyone, the magic in small towns of this country are still alive and strong.

It is the most powerful thing of this country.

Are you hiring?

We have 2000 people working.

You went from five factory workers and you are still hiring?

We are still expanding.

It is the most amazing journey that i have ever been on.

I want to pay attention to this -- manufacturing.

Build plants.

Let people do their magic.

Connect to the factories and the things that we make.

Should there be a manufacturing renaissance in this country?

Yes, i do.

Without manufacturing, we are going to lose it.

You have to connect to making things again.

We have to go back to making things.

Let's talk about income inequality.

You have become a self-made billionaire at a time when the poor people in this country are poorer than ever.

What is your take on income inequality?

I still live in upstate new york in the same house that i stayed in five years ago.

I love it up there.

What is magical here is the businesses can invest in the areas they left.

The wealth will come back.

I think we need to start fixing things for the long term.

I am not an expert.

Is the government friendly to you?

Able are afraid to start businesses now.

-- people are afraid to start businesses now.

They shouldn't be.

I think we should give an example of idaho -- how a government and a business can work together.

You need to get the licenses faster.

How is obamacare affecting the way you run your business?

We have great health insurance.

We are making it better.

I don't know the details much.

Are you concerned?

We hear from some corporate leaders that the affordable care act is a problem.

Is it a problem for you?

I have bigger problems.

I have to make more yogurt.

That is a high-class problem.

You have many factory workers, do you think we need to raise minimum wage?

Yes, we do.

If we can, we need to make life better for everyone.

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