Chipotle Spreads Fresh Food Message Via Video Game

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Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Carol Massar reports that the Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant chain is releasing a video game as a marketing tool to educate customers about fresh food. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

A restaurant chain with a videogame?

It sounds odd but why not?

This company does not do things conventionally.

Today, they are launching the scarecrow and it is an arcade- style adventure game.

They've also got a short animated film coming out, both called the scarecrow and it is about depicting a scarecrow's journey to offer up more wholesome food as an alternative to processed food.

It looks kind of interesting.

The animated short is amazing to watch.

It is a curious strategy.

You talked to the chief marketing officer about this.

Markcrumpacker and this is part of their effort to educate their customers.

Quacks we want people to understand more about how food is made.

Hopefully, they will understand there is an alternative which is a restaurant company like chipotle where we serve much higher- quality ingredients, more naturally raised meats and local produce than any restaurant company but we don't charge more for it.

Not charging more but this is a company that spends less money than many fast food restaurants.

They don't do these big national tv ads with flashy tv spots.

They also don't offer new menu items.

A different strategy.

Don b ehr, this seems to be working.

This is brilliant.

It is create to the t brought to full flight.

-- it is creativity brought to full flare.

They've got you talking about on the air.

They don't have to i add.

Does government do something like this?

Can the white house use an app or a game?

This white house has done that but could do more.

This is a method that comes out of a political context for political campaigns will cut a spot and put it on once or sometimes not put it on but they will release it to the cable news network's and then they talk about it.

It gets amplification as a result of that.

Quacks that's what chipotle did with their first ever only nationally televised advertising campaign.

It was one spot.

And it went viral on the tons of people saw it and they rolled it out during the grammys but they got a lot of publicity out of it.

It was a strong message.

Thanks for bringing that story to us.

That is a valuable perspective from don behr.

Coming up, the intense demand for verizon's $49 billion offering -- bond offering.


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