Chipotle Profit Rises 15% as Ads Boost Sales

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Oct. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Chipotle Mexican Grill said third-quarter profit rose 15 percent as more advertising helped restaurant sales. Alix Steel reports on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Revenue was a big heat, up about 18% year on year.

Almost $827 million.

The stock up almost 2%. same-store sales were up 6.2%. last quarter they were 5.5%. a lot of analysts were looking between 4% and 5%. some of the other things to look at, earnings came in at $2.66. topline growth really solid.

Drilling down into margins, they fell about 60 basis points.

We were talking about how they have the best margins in industry, and how much further can they go.

Food costs were part of that story.

They're opening more stores.

They opened 37 new restaurants.

That is really the whole story.

It's a growth story.

They also still have the best margins in the industry.

They opened their first store in germany.

They are going international.

It really is a global outlook.

Really nice topline for should probably -- for chiptole.

-- chipotle.

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