Chipotle Earnings Helped by Integrity?

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Carol Massar takes a look beyond Chipotle's earnings to find out what keeps customers coming back for more. She speaks to Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Carol masser joins us with more on the company and its strategy.

We look at the whole company philosophy.

It is all about food integrity.

That is what the company lives by, the key executives live by, and you spend some time with them like i did, it is all very clear.

Chipotle is known for serving fast, quality, mexican food.

Making a tv show?

We are creating a series that we have called armed and dangerous.

It is about a likable, but misguided, a group of people whose job is to spin the most egregious aspects of industrial agriculture in a positive way.

It is all part of the companies and traditional marketing player.

We don't do the same kind of advertising everybody else does.

If we were in a typical advertising campaign, it would be about a sale for a limited time only.

We would -- we do not do that.

We have to find other ways to tell our story.

In targa -- in stark contrast to its competitors compaq -- its competitors, they opened 20 years ago.

We find they opened the restaurant in an airport.

Part of the stipulation is that we are open during the breakfast.

And we have some items that we spice up and that as part of the breakfast burrito or tacos.

It is delicious.

Can you expand that?

We will see how it goes.

Right now, we will continue to serve it there.

It is a possibility.

One new item that is on the menu, sofritas.

Jiabao they began selling it s begin dish in its california stores.

There were a lot of vegetarians asking for this kind of thing.

But will there be enough to bring in new customers?

The most important marketing that we do today and in the past is what you'd do in each restaurant.

Do you love what you eat?

I mentioned food with integrity.

And you just mentioned manti moran talking about the experience in the restaurant.

They care about where the food is coming from.

They wanted to be natural, organic, and they want the animals kept in a good way.

They really care about it being healthy food for their customers.

I was going to say, grass fed, all organic tofu.

The free range tofu, perhaps.


They own all of their restaurants.

There are no franchises because they want to maintain the quality of the food.


And same-store sales are up 5.5%. and that is a significant number because for the first quarter, they had been seen sales coming down.

They have also been talking about maybe not having to raise prices.

This is something people have been pushing them to do, but maybe they do not need to do it.

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