China to Allow Facebook in Free Trade Zone

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Sept. 24 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Global Outlook," Matt Miller reports on cracks in internet access in China. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is "street smart" on bloomberg television and streaming on your phone.

Good news -- if you're going to china, you can use facebook and friend all people you know there's a long as you are in the trade free zone of shanghai.

This is a pretty big step great if you are in the free trade zone, you can access facebook, but don't tweet them while they are traveling.

The chinese government will ban access -- will have access to some sites.

It's seen as a -- it's about 30 square kilometers but it will read over the entire district which has 5 million inhabitants.

The local authorities are accepting bids from isps that want to set up cyber shot in the area.

They want to compete with the carriers there and the chinese can actually access facebook or if you are traveling to china, you can access facebook and twitter from other places, but it is kind of illegal fish grade you can just put it on your phone but in a hotel or office building, if you are staying at the ritz or working with a hedge fund or working with -- reporting on a story.

A lot of hotels have set up virtual networks or proxy servers so that you can access these western sort of websites.

But for a long time, the new york times had been banned because they printed a story about the wealth of the previous premier and he said you are going to be banned here.

A lot of chinese hackers started attacking the new york times website area there are some interesting goings-on here.

Facebook is key because sheryl sandberg traveled to china and met with chinese officials who are allowed -- in charge of allowing things to be published.

She was talking about her new book.

Maybe she was talking about facebook access as well.

I was there about two and half years ago.

It's staggering.

15 years ago, these were rice field that now there are buildings that are 100 stories high and it's as modern as anything in the u.s. now you can access a spoke there and read "lean in." chrysler filed for an ipo.

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