China’s Territorial Disputes Heat Up

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June 2 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Oanh Ha and John Dawson report on the escalating tensions between Japan and China as well as Vietnam and China over disputed territories as PLA Deputy Chief of Staff Wang Guanzhong and Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung weigh in on the situation. They speak to Zeb Eckert on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move Asia.” (Source: Bloomberg)


We are joined by ron ha.

What is the latest from the shangri-la dialogue?

And a lot of whispering go on, tense faces.

These are the three main players and of course vietnam in this as well.

It is a tensent fractious time.

Chuck hagel talking about china actions as destabilizing.

Then of course, the chinese deputy chief of the pla, they are may, talked about -- pla, the army, talked about hateful words.

It propaganda war of words, very extreme indeed.

Voicing his concerns and his frustration.

We oppose military alliances flexing their muscles against third parties.

Resorting to threats or use of force or seeking absolute security at the cost of the security of others.

We will never allow the fascist and militaristic aggression to stage a comeback.

Those are strong words from the chinese side.

There have been tens times in recent weeks between china and vietnam.

We will take you to vietnam with this maritime dispute continues to dominate headlines.

What is the latest?

Vietnam has been trying to rally support against china.

In an exclusive interview here in hanoi, we got a chance to speak with the vietnamese prime minister and he called for a stronger u.s. voice in the region.

He says he wants to see more tactical and more effective contributions by the u.s.. so he would likely welcome chuck hagel's comments.

He also had abe's comments that he supports china and they are vietnam.

The question in many people's minds is whether vietnam well file legal actions against china just as the philippines has done.

We got a chance to ask the prime minister exactly that.

Vietnam will use all possible peaceful measures to defend and protect our sacred sovereignty over the sea, including legal actions.

About 10 thirds of global marine rate on the east sea.

So any irresponsible action that sparks a clash will interrupt this huge mobile trade flow.

That was vietnam's prime minister in our exclusive interview.

You heard him say, when it comes to a legal action, it is a matter of when.

There is a lot that vietnam needs to think about, including economic retaliation by china if it files legal action.

We also heard the prime minister tell us there has been some impact to certain sectors of the vietnamese economy because of the dispute.

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