China’s Cohiba-Smoking Yacht-Club Billionaire

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Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) –- Visun Group Chairman Wang Dafu speaks exclusively to Bloomberg Television on board his $8M yacht. Wang speaks to Angie Lau about his plans for selling more yachts in China and eventually a Visun Group IPO. (Source: Bloomberg)

Who is looking abroad.

They got close.

It is not how much money you have, it is how you left.

-- it is how you live.

Literally means a big fortune.

He loved his yacht.

He has about 30. he is eyeing for a bigger yachts.

This is how he likes to relax.

Smoking one of his cigars.

Selling a yacht is my hobby.

It makes me feel relaxed.

Everybody has pressures.

Sailing from the seat can keep your mind off the work.

It makes you healthy.

It can help you stop all of your problems.

-- soft all of your problems.

-- solve all of your postal stop do not waste your money on the wrong things.

The 47-year-old is a chairman whose assets include properties and yacht close.

An empire he built by take advantage when china started reforms.

That is where he has his headquarters without the special economic zone and that kicked off the modern-day economic prowess.

I worked in the garment industry as well as crude and fertilizer.

All of my experience, i started to work in the coffee business from 1997. and the property industry started to develop.

I think i picked the right time.

I got my first a bucket of gold.

He is a trend said.

He helped to kick off the yacht frenzy and china.

They look to him.

This $8 million.

I want to get chinese people to know more about the luxury products.

We should try and call luxury products high-end artwork.

Get in touch.

Look at them more closely.

It's a platform.

There is no need to travel to the states or europe.

According to the billionaire index, he is worth over one billion dollars.

He does not like to talk about.

He said there are a lot of billionaires and china.

For wang, he has his sights set on new horizons.

And then america and europe.

An ipo in three years is the biggie.

My target is three years.

Whether my goal is achievable are not depends.

Luck and maybe a little hard work to go along with it.

This billionaire sees his boat rising along with china's ocean.

Angie lau.

More on that.

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