China Pursues Air Pollution Solution

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July 7 (Bloomberg) -- Frost & Sullivan Senior Energy Analyst Jonathan Robinson discusses renewable technology and China’s pollution problem on pollution on “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Joining us is jonathan robinson.

Good morning.

Thank you for coming in.

What to do the germans want to sell and what to do the chinese want to buy?

A german, the capabilities, pollution control technology.

And also for the water management.

These are the secondary areas of why germany has interest.

How big is the demand?

We hereby for dirty coal plants a you looking at terrible pollution.

Kristen bell coal plants are quite a bad.

-- the coal plants are quite bad.

I really think some the other areas they can make an impact.

A lot of industrials that can be cleaned off.

Waste energy is something that is huge in china and will be huge in china.

Our studies show massive a growth.

It is their undeveloped.

Are you expecting any new deals?

There are always things that come up.

I do not know if we will cease on the megadeals.

How about were nobles?

-- renewables?

What is it like?

Will there be much cooperation?

No, not really.

China dominates renewables and now solar market.

Wind turbine manufacturers and big players.

Little that can be done there.

You can argue with biogas.

That is massive growth area.

Germany was leading by a long, long go away.

This is something where china at the moment has not been him to scratch the surface.

How big of a problem is china's dominance of were nobles?

It has been a massive problem.

It has forced many german businesses out of business.

It has been a huge, huge problem.

It is over with now.

China is too dominant.

What about the electric car market?

We hear both way and will be spending 2 billion euros on a new plants.

What are the prospects for electric cars?

Very good in china.

Legislation that will take place at next year to reduce taxation on cars and banning cars for many parts off some of the first time.

Electric vehicles should take off.

From a german perspective, they have partnerships with local players.

They are focused on the high-end stuff.

They want to get in with top end like a mercedes.

They are looking to really exploit in the high-end market.

And china loves german makers.

You pointed out we may not be better off with electric cars.

In china?

The difficulty is the electricity is generated by coal.

The overall impact in that sense.

In the air quality in cities is where the real gang will be.

Big savings for cities.

It depends if the pollution is coming from cars or dirty plants?

A boat and polluting streets nearby.

-- both and polluting streets nearby.

If you get the deals and move the industry, you are minimizing the problems that it will take time.

Jonathan robison, nice to see you.

For those listening on bloomberg radio, the first word is coming up.

The second hour of "the pulse"

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