China Mobile Clears 4G Hurdle to iPhone Offering

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Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg West Editor-At-Large Cory Johnson reports that China Mobile has won approval to start commercial 4G service in China. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Beijing at least place to discuss a partnership that it has not happened yet.

Cory johnson is here.

How much closer does this get them to a partnership with apple.

This makes it possible and it was not before.

It did not exist for reasons of china mobile making it.

Apple had to make custom phones for custom services in the past.

The iphone 5 s is a little different.

Let's talk wireless standards.

This is interesting.

China is weird, as you know.

If you look at china mobile stops and tell you the story behind this, it has done well as a business since the iphone has been released.

They did it without the iphone indeed very this is a chart back in 2007. you can see in 2007 and 2008. a business unaffected by their ability to get the iphone.

They made this switch.

China's minister of industry and technology, which i love to say, has adopted a standard that will be 4g for all of china for all of major carriers.

They are not using fdd lte, the rest of the world's standard.

They are still going their own way and use slightly different security.

Fundamentally, they are incompatible with each other.

The iphone was developed with a very interesting chipset.

It has multiple wireless standards in its frequency.

The chip -- usually, it would snap in different chips for different carriers.

This iphone has one ship with many standards, including the standard which means it could work in the network.

If you look at why it is a big deal in china, china mobile still have the largest percent of share in china.

China telecom, 15%. china mobile is still the largest carrier.

That opens up the tagus market in all of telecom.

We know china like to do some things differently.

Why this?

By have different standards?

China has a long history of coming up with long history, their own standards.

It led them to a lot of things.

There have been a number of battles.

It has let them support homegrown industries.

As long as there have been wireless in china, they have used their own standards.

You have people using an archaic phone and difference phone standards over the years.

For example, the 3-d standard was something used only in china.

China mobile use it for local communications aired it meant other phone carriers -- it was great news for the local phone carriers in china, but it meant they were not always getting the best phones from samsung and apple and the rest of the world.

Star, was a business that created -- it was built in this

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