China Leads World in Smart Grid Investment

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Feb. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Colin McKerracher reports on China’s investment in green energy compared to the rest of the world. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

For china, it means they are making a massive investment in both renewing their infrastructure -- so the chinese government can edit -- committed to this by 2017. that was scaled back from an earlier more aggressive goal.

China is now the largest smart grid market globally.

There is another myth, installing sensing and automation.

That you can view a sort of strengthening the grid and allowing it to respond to outages more quickly.

The u.s. invests for grid stability.

The europeans invest for efficiency.

Witness china -- china is a mix.

There is a sort of future-looking part of the investment saying, there is a lot of renewable investment in china right now.

Eventually, we need a smarter grid to integrate all the renewable generation.

Who are the key companies generating the text going into this?

You have some specialist companies like itron, silver spring networks, these are specialist smart grid companies.

They have largely been shut out of the chinese market.

They haven't really been able to capitalize.

All the contracts around the metering rollouts have gone to domestic players.

Some of the larger companies like ge and siemens, they have a presence in china but smart grids are only a very small percentage of their overall portfolio.

Is it easier to make a low-voltage network smart than the kind of high-voltage d.c. grids?

We have had sort of high-voltage d.c. -- high-voltage intelligence in the grid.

Now what we're seeing is that intelligence is pushing down into the low and medium voltage grid.

It hasn't really been economical to do it in the past.

All of a sudden, as you start to have changing patterns of consumption, demand at different times and intermittent generation, you need a better understanding of what is happening further down the grid instead of just at the higher level.

Ok, nice to see you.

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