China-Japan Islands Dispute Escalates

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Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Stephen Engle reports on China’s latest territorial claim in the East China Sea that has increased tensions with Japan. He speaks to Angie Lau on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Down, and in fact, it looks like 2014 is going to be a year when things start ratcheting up all over again.

We will see.

This is not necessarily a new claim, a territorial claim by china, but it is days -- it is basically declaring an error identification zone over these disputed islands.

Both nations claim these islands that are rich in oil, natural gas, and of course, fish.

There have been recent confrontations, as you mentioned, over these strategic islands off the coast of china, i might add.

It has definitely soured diplomatic relations of this year.

China this weekend warning that its armed forces will "take defensive emergency measures and aircraft fail to comply with this new zone." among the requirements that beijing is now asking anyone who flies over must file an air flight plan to the chinese officials predict the japanese ministry of foreign affairs has lodged a complaint with beijing, saying it has raised the potential for incidents.

Japan's foreign minister the new declaration "unacceptable." xin hua in an editorial published today said "japan must learn to accept the unacceptable." i'm reading a number of comments coming from the chinese foreign ministry.

It says, the u.s. should correct mistakes.

It is also demanding japan correct mistakes on the air defenses on.

Also, china is saying that this declaration will make the region safer.

U.s. secretary of state john kerry said the u.s. is concerned that china's action is "an attempt to change the status quo." also, defense secretary chuck hagel has already said that this declaration by china will not change how the u.s. conducts military operations in the region.

This involves, by the way, another u.s. ally, south korea.

Seoul says part of this new zone overlaps with korea's own air defense identification zone.

Now u.s. vice president joe biden, angie, is coming to the region.

Good timing, vice president biden.

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