China Experiences Massive Internet Outage

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Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) - Bloomberg’s Emily Chang and Bloomberg West Editor-At-Large Cory Johnson report on a massive internet outage in China on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Internet was out for many hours.

We've seen reports out for up to eight hours.

Our editor at large, cory johnson, with me now here on the set.

Part of the reason there may be such a discrepancy in the time is some of the servers in china may not have refreshed after eight hours in those second and third-tier cities.

Fundamentally, i think what happened the last 24 hours we had arguably the biggest shutdown in the history of the internet and that speaks also to the growth of the internet, when the internet was smaller in years past the shutdowns wouldn't have been such a big deal.

But this is a huge deal for the chinese economy and also speaks a lot to the technology culture and what it means for the impact of technology in china, happening really today and people reassessing what that means.

In china so many people rely on the internet, unable to get business done and unable to work and has had a big impact on a lot of people and companies in china.

Obviously we know the great firewall in china has been erect for many, many years.

We know facebook and twitter are still blocked.

But what we're talking about here is every single dot-com address in the country, there have been a number of -- there has been a lot of speculation why this happened.

Some people saying it's a massive cyberattack and what played out in the chinese media and the chinese foreign ministry basically said, we were attacked.

However, other experts are saying it appears as if the chinese government was trying to block a website but instead rerouted traffic to all -- to that particular website.

Every incredible source is saying it wasn't hackers attacking china but quite the opposite, it was china trying to use its sensorship tools to keep certain sites away and made mistakes in that process and rerouted traffic to places they didn't want the traffic to go at all and crashed the internet for the entire country.

It's showing a great risk chinese businesses are facing, that the chinese government is inflicting on its own country and own economy by erecting this great chinese firewall.

On that note i want to bring in a couple experts, jordan robertson who covers cybersecurity for us here at

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