$2.2B and 6 Miles Long: China's Gigantic Bridge

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July 19 (Bloomberg) -- In today's "First Look," Bloomberg's Sara Eisen highlights the photos illustrating headlines from around the world. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

We're going to start in china, help me scarlet -- the bridge?

That's good.

Was completed.


$2.2 billion bridge.

It runs six miles long.

It cuts travel time.

And tom the observation i would make in china is they're building infrastructure that isn't getting used.

Railroad stations built, and they aren't being very utilized, so a huge infrastructure projects on a scale that we can't imagine over here, and yet they aren't being fully utilized.

I think misallocation of resources.

It's that preparation for the push of urbanization.

Let's continue with the spending theme.

We'll take you to europe, actually to spain now, where a project that has not been such a success.

A high speed railway station, still incomplete.

Funds for the project have completely dried up.

11.5 million euros have already been dumped into building this station.

Michael, you see this in italy, the state of the italian economy.

What's missing in italy is the flexibility of the economy to adjust.

Exactly the mirror image of what we saw in the american case.

And then you have, as we do, problems with coming together around aggressive plan on the public sector side.

Spain, i might say, has instituted a really important labor market reform, and big companies are starting to talk about going there.


That would be a see change.

The u.s. is still struggling with the new health care model as the company tries to overlay

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