Nike Will Always Be Best, If Not First: CFO Blair

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Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Nike Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Don Blair discusses Nike's long-term growth with Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

That equates to 9.2% growth per year.

Do you think you will have tempered growth?

Not at all.

We have great momentum in our business right now.

Abroad or folio.

Categories, geographies.

$36 billion is a big number, but we're confident we will get there.

Lebron james is a huge brand, but could it be a breakout brand.

Could he be bigger than jordan from a sales perspective?

It's great to dream.

Michael has set the standard, but lebron is a phenomenal athlete.

We are excited to have him as a partner.

What is your plan digitally?

Earlier today we heard the fantastic slogan "digital is oxygen." everybody is already online.

You have mastered e-commerce.

How are you going to quit drupal?

That's the great thing about innovation.

There's always something else to do with the consumer.

It is about deepening the connection.

It is making our sites easier to shop.

Today we're only in 24 countries out of 190. we think that we can get better at digital commerce where we are today and expand around the world.

You are pulling back a bit in china.

Some people say you got two big to quickly -- too big too quickly.

Will this affect your strategy and other countries?

We are evolving with the consumer in china.

That consumer is connected to the nike brand.

That is what we do around the world.

We are really excited about china.

You have spent a tremendous amount of money on innovation, research, and design.

Do you need to that?

Or at the end of the day, is that nike swoosh going to be worth 100 million bucks?

Do you really need to invest?

That's a great example.

Sox is not just about the nike swoosh.

We brought innovation to socks.

You talk about digital is oxygen.

It is a relationship.

It's not just a device.

If the connection to that consumer.

The fuel band is inaccessible in.

Field fans are in a crowded house with fitbit and others.

Did you think about acquiring ones of those entities?

We work in collaboration with a lot of companies.

Sometimes we will do an acquisition.

The key is how do we develop that holistic relationship?

It's not just about the device.

How do we build a relationship across the device, the brand?

It's really all those pieces, not just the device.

As cfo, do you ever say, you have spent enough.

When it comes to endorsements, athletes, college teams, global sports franchises.

This is a massive amount of money.

Could you pull back?

It's not about pulling back.

It's about aching sure you are continuously investing in the things that are important writing business.

Which are?

10 years ago we might be spending a lot of money on television advertisement.

Today, that connection is digital.

We always make those decisions about where we invest.

That investment is what drives our business model and we will continue to make those investments.

You are similar to apple in that you do a lot of your production outside the u.s. and asia.

Wages are going up.

How does that affect you?

To talk about this, it in jeering our products to make them in more productive ways.

To eliminate -- nearing our products to make them in more productive ways.

To eliminate waste.

A great example -- it is high performance.

It is manufactured in a way that makes they were more productive.

That's a great example of how innovation can help us manage cost.

When it comes to women's sports, it does not give you the bottom line home run that men's sports two.

The wnba for example.

You everything, i know it's the right thing to do, but i have to focus on the money here?

We connect with women across multiple dimensions.

Women help us with the innovation.

There are many ways we connect with consumers that are not related to athletes.

Women are very connected to fashion.

They are online even more than men.

You read a broad approach to women consumers and i think we are doing that.

Are you worried about brands like under armour that have the same tech stars that nike does?

What's we have a full innovation pipeline.

We are not always the first to the category, but we absolutely are the best and we are not concerned about our ability to

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