BlackBerry's Return to Physical-Keyboard

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Jan. 6 (Bloomberg) –- From the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, Blackberry Interim CEO John Chen discusses Blackberry’s turnaround strategy and where he sees the company growing. He talks exclusively to Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

And i want to get a drink to that interview with john chen.

Lack parry has always been good at security and connectivity and communications, so it matters most in the business setting.

The government, the banks, so forth.

And when we think about where these devices are going to be seen, should we think of at&t stores that are, for example, near wall street, as opposed to a mall that is not near some corporate center?

Is that where we will see some of these devices going forward?

Those, you have to ask at&t. of course, we would love to see at&t near wall street.

Another major carrier like verizon, they had agreed to help us in the enterprise space.

Account to account, and you'll probably see a lot of that on the web.

/ what does foxconn bring to the table?

Do they know the designs?

Now, we need to still be managing what is to be assigned, and especially in the software world, which we will definitely control.

They can be a really great partner, not only dealing with the inventory list, but also their ability to penetrate different markets.

There is an emerging and developing market.

They kind of had a better position on that.

I will look at them to help us in these markets, so, yes, they will be helping us a little bit in the market.

They will be helping us in the hardware design part of it, and we are going to build some great things together.

If we think about where the hardware is going, look, blackberry, for example, the operating system.

To gain traction, having devices is important.

Once you gain the traction that you are satisfied with our happy with on the operating systems i've, is there any need to have the physical hardware?

Well, that is a long-term conversation.

But for now, we definitely need the software.

The world may shift.

I have been in business long enough to know that you never say never, but it is to focus the company on enterprise and security, on communications, and if i can do that and become a major player, if not the market dominant player, in these areas, then collaborating with a device or whatever, that is not an important thing, but that is a very long-term conversation.

You did mention emerging markets, and especially with this partnership with foxconn, on you looking at both touchscreen and keyboard devices?

Have you made any decisions for that for the first one to roll off the line?

I think there are enough weeks in the market, so i am not going to condone or deny it.

I personally love the keyboards, so you will look at blackberry going forward with keyboards, and i would not use the word exclusively, but predominantly.

It is interesting you say that.

There is a blackberry lawsuit tied to a company called typo, and ryan seacrest is an investor in this, and why are you suing them?

In a lawsuit environment, i should not comment too much about it, but i will say this.

Blackberry has 44,000 -- i think it is important that we gain some benefits throughout ownership of those patents and our ownership of ip, so the keyboard is extremely important to blackberry, so the combination, you can put that together.

You have hired a man to head up your devices as mrs., somebody who has worked for htc and sony ericsson.

Ron is a very creative guy.

What me and pressed -- what impressed me about wrong, he can look at a phone 30 yards away, and he would tell you a lot about the phone, and i think he is more in touch of not only the technology but how people like the phone, and i came from an enterprise software background, kind of a management type, and so that level of skill i need to have.

I do not have that, oh, this is really cool stuff.

I am not that kind.

I love the fact that he knows how to put phones together, and he knows what a cool phone is, right?

I love that.

Let's shift from the phones to blackberry messenger, which is another part of the business.

Iphone and android devices.

Today, there are actually a lot of channels.

The corporation will run channels, and we will get some money out, but, honestly speaking, it is a welcome set of money, but it is not a huge amount of money.

I like it from an enterprise weight of you.

I think every enterprise would love to have their own secure messaging intranet, and i think this should tied to what we offer to enterprise as part of the server, so the situation is important so they have a gateway to the munich aiding in a very secure manner, a private manner, pin to pin, so private manner, and also externally to your friends and families and all of that.

So that is where the money will come from.

Eventually, we will also, when the wallet is big enough, we will partner with some retail situations.

I think advertising is interesting.

It is always tough, but we are not going to say we are not going to do that.

Ok, our senior west coast

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