Chemical Explosion at Indiana GM Plant Kills 1

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July 2 (Bloomberg) –- “Money Clip” Host Adam Johnson updates the latest top news stories. (Source: Bloomberg)

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I am adam johnson.

Today's moving pictures where the video is the story -- the chemical explosion of the gm plant in indiana tuesday killed one and injured five.

The explosion involved a chlorine dioxide tank which can cause lung problems and skin and eye irritation if inhaled in the plant reportedly have been cited in 2009 for a serious safety violation.

In hong kong, police arrested more than 500 people wednesday following a pro-democracy rally.

The police said those arrested have unlawfully assembled.

Authorities estimated 98,600 were at the rally and organizers said 510,000 turned out.

Anger against mainland china has been high since the government warned that holds alternate authority over the island.

Homeland security said emigrants were rerouted tuesday after being blocked from reaching a processing center.

They are trying to ease overcrowding.

Many of the migrants were detained while experiencing

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