Charity Paces Runners in London’s Great City Race

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May 12 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s Global Outlook,” Paula Radcliffe, the current world record holder for women’s marathon, discusses the Standard Chartered Great City Race 2014, slated for July 10 in London, the growing popularity of long-distance running and her return to the sport after injury. Radcliffe is ambassador for the race that will raise funds for two different charities in this 10th anniversary of the event. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

And the marathon world record holder paula.

What you think about being the ambassador for this race?

It is an amazing race to be ambassador for.

I was first ambassador back in 2006. is a unique opportunity for city workers and the business world to come out in a corporate challenge and run in a closed off area of london, organized by the london marathon organizers.

It is interesting to see the camaraderie come together.

We are hoping to raise 100,000 u.s. dollars for the seeing is believing charity, which will be matched by standard chartered.

I will go specifically to east africa and the child i help.

Seeing is believing charity there.

Is a race has been going on for years.

You think there's been a surge in popularity given the 2012 olympics?

Were all very focused on keeping fit.

To think it is one of those waves coming after the big event?


Just a difference a running can make inmate in helping you feel better.

I'm very keen that my children are active in sport and physically active.

They will perform much better at school, feel better about themselves, be more confident.

There are so many differences.

Certainly, since olympics came, you see people saying, oh, that looks fun.

I met to garden try that.

It makes a lot of difference to people.

Then you see the transitions to the corporate world as well.

People start to draw the parallels from sport and running to the business world in terms of goal setting.

And stress levels.

It always works for me.

I was good to ask you anyway about wearable technology forerunners.

There's a big conference taking place for the first time in tel aviv today.

We have a man there, elliott gotkine.

You obviously embrace wearable technology.

As i going to be something team he embraced by the rest of the running community?

I would just go out and run with the basic stopwatch.

Sometimes, i still like to go back to that for that freedom and not even bother to start the watch but does go out and run how i feel.

At the same time, advancing technology enables you to go out with something like a sport watch and measure distance compare your own numbers with the browser on the globe and said challenges that way.

I think some people see it as a gimmick and some people see it is interesting.

It is whatever you want to make of it.

If the user to enhance your enjoyment, then fine.

But as to your distress level because it is complicated, then don't do it or it just go out with the basic things you need.

The parachute is in a kit, and like that.

-- a pair of shoes and a kit, and like that.

I was thinking that this time last year i was barely back running.

There is a. in my life of eight months where could not run.

It was a challenge to psych myself up for it.

Then you feel like something that is really part of your life that gives me so much pleasure was missing.

I'm really glad to be able to have that back now and to be able to go back out and run and run a lot faster than i was last year.

How much do think you might have left in you, just one or more?

I do want to be greedy.

If i could do one more at a competitive level and then be happy to take part in races for fun -- with the london marathon the something?

Oh that would be amazing.

And how have you kept yourself that don't the must of been some very dark moments when you saw your greatest love taken away from you in that respect through injury?

Have you been able to keep motivated throughout?

Yes, i think so.

Those were the other things in life like your -- like my children and husband.

That helped me cope with that.

The first up was to get out there and jog again.

However slow was in the beginning, to see that improving each day and be able to get out and do that.

Our member the first time i went out and i had been paul walking and that is all he could do.

And i was able to do five times a minute in that our paul walk.

I had the greatest benefit my face.

It made a difference just to be able to do that small amount.

You really have been a light to everyone.

You need to start running right now.

Paula, thank you for joining us today.

I hope you're closer to the start of the great city race in july.

Let's talk technology.

When apple introduced the iphone seven years ago, it brought the touchscreen to the masses for the first time.

An israeli startup has now gone one better, enabling you to turn your sofa into a smart phone, or

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