Champagne Secrets for a Bubbly Valentine’s Day

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Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, author of “The One Minute Wine Master,” explains how to choose the best champagne for your Valentine’s Day celebrations on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Happy valentine's day.

I like the red tide.

Very apropos.

In the holiday spirit.

For those on radio, a solid red tie.

And dapper to match jennifer's red dress.

Valentine's day, how does it compare for champagne to, say, new year's eve.

Footie percent to six percent of sales -- new year's, 40% to 60% of sales but after that, valentine's day.

Rose champagne.

It just looks different but does not taste different -- it does taste different.

Some are -- legend is cleopatra seduced julius caesar with the, that is sweet, it has raspberries in a. and i ask a dumb question?

Do they run out of champagne -- with all the sales in december and then in january they were now?

No, they don't run out.

The 2013 harvest is lower so there is a supply and demand issue.

The demand for champagne probably is never going to go out.

Around the world, rose champagne is about 10% of the exports and in this country we represented about 17% of that.

It is very, very popular, but there are some brands that are worth it and some brands may be not.

Champagne is one of the things people will be splurging on this valentine's day.

Flickinger, you have done research on how much people are going to spend this year.

What we found was shocking.

Women will spend less than $50 and men will spend $108. to jennifer's point, a lot will be spent on champagne and quite a bit on experts.

French champagne sail down to the lowest since 1977. sio what we're saying is non-related linenger -- f, rose doing the best and domestic -- united states went up -- which we have to call sparkling wine.

But champagne sales in the united states.

How do men choose their sparkling wine versus women?

I think man, to your point, want to spend a little bit more money, which is the reason why they focus a little bit more on champagne and rose champagne, and my husband favorite is charles -- rose champagne, aged for a long period of time, $80 a bottle, it is lovely.

Which champagne should the president have toasted president hollande with at the state dinner?

Which would you have selected for the president to make that toast?

There is a lot of times of the white house -- and i had been there a lot of times, and i have seen their seller which looks like the closet.

Domain chandon --they always tried to use the connection with the country they are entertaining and something at home.

That was related to france so they probably would use -- that would be the politically expedient.

Probably the best way.

Have you tasted cold duck?

Less than three dollars a bottle.

I have.

Where comes from.

It is a german name that originally -- andre cold duck says valentine's day for me.

It is red and sparkly.

Happy valentine's day.

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