Challenges Face Ford as Fields Takes the Wheel

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July 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Keith Naughton discusses the challenges facing Ford's incoming CEO Mark Fields with Trish Regan on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Additional pressure on mark?

Fortis sort of the outlier.

But even their sales decline was not as bad as they expected.

They are in the middle of this big changeover from building their all aluminum body f 150 pickup truck.

That's slowing the sales of that really important model right now.

Mark field taking over for alan mulally was one of the worst kept secrets.

Everyone expected this.

This transition brings continuity to the company at a time when it needs it.

This may be the smoothest transition in ford's history.

I'm sure you might remember henry ford the second firing lee iacocca.

The original was hard to dislodge and this is the company that has always had messy handovers.

This one is very smooth.

He really became a disciple of alan mulally who came from boeing and he promises to use the same very successful lands alan leighton laced.

Do you anticipate that they will in fact talk often?


I think they will stay in touch.

I don't think we've heard the last of alan mulally, not just at ford but wherever else he lands will stop i don't think he's ready to go to the rocking chair.

Any guess on where he might land?

Matt miller talk to him and he was not rolling out doing something in the government at some point.

What we have heard from folks is he's trying to line up maybe a chairmanship that would keep him prominent.

He wants to be engaged in the national discussion about the importance of manufacturing.

We have not seen the last of them.

Let's shift gears here -- pun intended -- into the sales beat

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