CEOs or Activist Investors: Who Has the Power?

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Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) -- John Sculley, former CEO at Apple, discusses the influence of activist investors and who is driving value and change at major corporations. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

With carl icahn who is not agitating for change at apple?

I'd are now steve would've dealt with him but steve obviously had terrific skills at negotiation.

The interesting thing to me about dell is watching the announcement yesterday that the koch brothers paid seven alien dollars for mole up.

-- molex.

Where are the ceos to get valued company?

Here's i think about it going back to dell.

Dell spent 14 billion dollars buying software companies, service companies, but it is really interesting that the profit margins are in the components now.

Pcs and servers become light boxes and is light boxes it means the brand doesn't mean as much.

What is that mean?

You go down the value chain as the koch brothers are doing.

You buy a connector company that makes components that connect -- where is the board saying to the ceo what are we doing to maximize share value?

Did that happen better in 2013 than it did 10 years ago?

I think somebody has to write a book someday about boards and the role of ports per you can watch what happens at hp and other companies.

Ceos sometimes are controlled by boards, sometimes ceos control the boards.

I think there is a whole story that hasn't been really delved into about the role of boards vis-a-vis the power of a ceo.

Whether it is carl icon are bill ackman are any of the other big activist right now, do they have a newfound role?

As you know they try to get seats on the board and you saw what happened with yahoo.

Activists got a season the board, made a lot of money, actually may have made a contribution in some of their ideas and then stock went up and -- sometimes they can shake up aboard and play a positive role.

In many cases they are just there for the transaction.

When you are a ceo you are about to link long-term value.

John scully with us.

1:00 jon erlichman in cupertino.

Scarlett we have seen futures jump from up eight two up 10. critically oil goes south.

This is according to interfax agency.

The headline says that syria had expected russia's plan to give up control of its chemical weapons.

Yesterday we were reporting that syria welcome to plan.

A change in language from welcoming the plan to accepting the plan.

This certainly gives some new developments as president obama gets ready to address the nation tonight at 9 p.m. eastern time.

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