The World's Most Hi-Tech Architect Gets His Due

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July 19 (Bloomberg) -- U.K. Minister of Culture Ed Vaizey discusses the career and style of architect Richard Rogers as a new exhibition opens highlighting his work. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown."

His career really took off when he got the commission to build the center in the early 70's. the property center has become renowned for its architect or.

And iconic building in paris.

And in the building in london is the other example.

15 years later.

Again, in a world city like london, with many famous building, this is one of those that stands out.

You see the pipes and so on on the outside of the building.


They are visually very distinctive.

A lot of modern architects continue to build buildings that stand out from the crowd.

Do you think there is a danger that form starts to take over from function?

What do you think the balance is right.

Quest that is often a criticism of modern architecture that sometimes the form takes over.

People criticized the lloyd's building as being expensive to maintain.

Use of glass is another thing that sometimes concerns people, particularly in terms of temperatures holding.

There is an element of critique.

I think what rules put in the mix is the fact that the building enjoyed a visit and i hope it enjoys a work in.

People enjoy working in a building so distinctive.

It becomes a marketing tool.

The building is known all over the world.

Centuries of marketing tools for paris.

There is a balance to be struck.

As technology advances, the buildings get better.

Modernist -- modernists are often at odds with traditionalist.

A falling out with prince charles, which has happened on a number of occasions, where do you think that battle has been left in the world of architecture?

Quest there is an artificial divide.

People who like older buildings often feel they are at war with modernists.

A pretty traditional building in central london although inside is modern, but i think the in death there is room for both to come together.

That is something i would like to achieve, where use the hour heritage is not seen as an aspect but as a living and breathing thing that can be updated and modernized and moved with the times.

At the moment, there is a bit of a standoff, i think, between the two areas and it would be good if we could bring them together.

Sometimes, a modernist extension could enhance an older building.

The architects a lot more than recognize they need to sleep away the old in order to make statements about the new.

Really believing in the importance of planning and shared public -- spaces.

This has ramifications far beyond the uk, as witnessed.

Huge urbanization in other parts of the world.

Do you think his legacy stretches beyond these shores?


I think it is massively important.

He is the first artifact to give the prestigious lectures in britain.

They are very famous lectures.

He was the first to give them.

They turned into a book, which says it all.

We live in a small planet and our resources are constrained and -- we are in an increasingly urban world.

Planning is as if not more important than architecture and buildings.

We have got to learn to continue to live on a human scale.

The contribution to the debate should be recognized alongside stunning buildings and he should help to create.

An architecture review led by another architect, who made his name in the planning sphere than the building.

We all have to constantly look at how we live in a sustainable environment and use our resources well.

As i a, keep our cities on a human scale.

Back to the event that heritage, in london, one of the people people -- one of the reasons people of london, it is great, green, open spaces.

Richard rodgers was recently asked by a bloomberg news reporter which of his designs was his favorite.

He said his designs are like children and it is difficult to pick a favorite.

If you had to pick one, which one would you go for?

I would probably still go for the lies for their it it was an iconic building in london.

A lot of people coming through in london.

I think it was the first statement of intent.

It is an early building.

It is a more mature richard rodgers at the height of its power.

It is a joy to go to andy very iconic living.

One of the most spectacular buildings not just in london, but in the world.

Says a lot about his approach to architecture and his uncompromising building in the heart of the city.

It is very confident.

It does not bow to its more venerable surroundings.

It makes a great statement.

It is the insurance register of the world.

If i had to choose, i would probably do that.

It probably goes against the spirit that he was saying, to treat his buildings equally.

The first domestic building he built for his parents and wimbledon in south london, which is in the market approaching 3 million pounds.

If any of your viewers want to live there, now is your chance.

That might be the one to go for.

Thank you very much.

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