CBS vs. TWC: What Will Move the Needle?

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August 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman reports on what could possibly happen if CBS and Time Warner Cable don't come to an agreement in the near future. He speaks to Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Customers and urged them to return to the negotiating table.

John has been tracking all of the developments.

John, any idea when this thing could end?

It is so tough say emily.

I was talking with our colleague who covers the tv industry about that.

You know i think the longer this goes on the worse it is for both sides.

It is already bad enough whether you are a time warner cable customer that is frustrated if you have showtime and can't watch "dexter" or the new hit "ray convan" and it is just as bad for cbs to not be able to generate the advertising dollars for some of their big hits.

"under the dome" is the one we talked about.

What would move the needle on this ultimately is the start of the new television season as we move into the next month or big event.

It is really, really difficult and especially on cbs' side, it is difficult to go into the new tv season without your programming on the air.

Have you advertisers who committed ad dollars.

They are excited about it.

But for right now they are drawing the line in the sand.

I think it was interesting that disney is weighing into it as a broadcaster as well.

What is one more day or week when you are in the middle of summer?

Let's talk about dish for a second.

That is also a reminder about the challenges that pay tv companies have in terms of hanging on to subscribers.

You highlighted it in the news headlines there that both charter and dish come out with numbers, another reminder that is challenging for pay tv providers to hold on to traditional tv customers or video customers.

Some of the cable players that offer broadband and phone access are able to make it up on that.

We have seen that in results from comcast and cable vision and even time warner.

But if you are dish and you have not had the phone business, that is the reason why we have seen dish trying to find partners all over the someplace.

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