CBS' Moonves: Time Warner Cable Talks `Difficult'

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July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman updates the latest on the CBS, Time Warner Cable talks to continue carrying the broadcaster on the cable network. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Tell us more about what he had to say.

This was an event put on by the television critics association so that cbs could talk about it shows that the first question everybody had was what is going on in the fee fight with time warner.

He said he does not want cbs to go off the air in some markets but he also wants cbs to get paid properly for content.

This is a back-and-forth that has developed over the last decade.

The cable players have been paying cable channels more for their content.

The networks have looked at that trend and said we get more viewers in many cases.

Cbs is right at the top.

They say we want to get paid more and time warner cable and other pay-tv providers in the past have said how much.

Time warner cable has gone public with this.

Don't be surprised that even though there is a deadline today if they have to push the deadline back because they cannot get on the same page.

Les moonves also talked about the rise of netflix and amazon and original programming and how that is changing the way cbs 6 shows.

A great example is the great"under the dome"from a stephen king book.

That is a show that does well in the ratings but then airs on amazon streaming service four days later.

Les moonves said it was working out great for them but cbs has like shows that stand-alone one episode odds on like"csi" which works well when you sell it to the cable channels.

With binge viewing, that may change their approach.

Those shows with those great cliffhangers.

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