CBS Lacks Room for Full NBA Game Schedule: McManus

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July 21 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman examines the battle to secure NBA broadcast rights, as CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus explains why the network may not be in on the bidding to carry the sport. He speaks on “In The Loop.”

Up in that.

Don mcmahon --jon erlichman caught up with mcmanus.

What did he have to tell you?

A lot of interesting stuff.

We talked about netflix earlier.

There are a lot of ways to resist paying for cable.

It is hard to get live sports.

You talk about the context of players like espn.

Some of the biggest players in golf and football -- they recently acquired the rights to thursday night football.

Now they are focusing on the nba in 2015 and 2016. the rights to nba basketball become available.

We asked mcmanus about that and he poured the cold water.

Here's what you get to say.

I love the nba.

It is a great product.

They have done a great job so casing -- showcasing it.

Because of our schedule, we do not have room for a full slate of nba games.

Unless you can make the commitment to an entire slate, i think we probably will not be able to bid on it.

It will be interesting to see if we do have some kind of deal reached before the end of that contract.

There was some reporting that there are talks underway with potentially espn and others.

I never thought gulf would trump nba.

You mentioned thursday night football.

. that contract will be for a year.

Can we expect that to heat up?

We're certainly curious about it, alix.

The nfl has decided on a one-year deal.

They want to boost the ratings for thursday night football.

It is available on the nfl network.

They're interested in seeing if they have it on a major player like cbs and what they could accomplish on a thursday night.

There are expectations that they will get a huge audience.

The nfl did not want to go beyond that.

They just want to test the waters.

We did ask sean mcmanus, is there a possibility that they could negotiate something longer during the season?

We talked to the nfl almost daily.

They're one of our most important partners.

Anytime they want to talk to us about extending a one-year deal, we will make ourselves available.

We will talk a lot during the season.

The numbers behind football

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