CBS CEO Moonves: Justice Served to Aereo

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June 25 (Bloomberg) -- CBS CEO Leslie Moonves weighs in on the Supreme Court decision that Aereo violates broadcasters’ copyrights. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Trish Regan on “Money Clip.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Joining me on the phone is the president and ceo of cbs, les moonves.

Good to talk to you.

You got some good news from the supreme court.


We are very pleased.

We expected to win, but it's really feels good to win as decisively as we did.

What does this mean for the company?

Investors like it.

What does this mean as you move forward?

All it means is that we continue to get paid for our content.

We will continue to do that.

We have already said, we will receive $2 billion by 2020 in retransmission fees.

All that is important here is that broadcasters and cable content companies and everyone who's involved with the content producing business gets paid appropriately for their content.

And that somebody can't, take that content to my charge for it, and not pay us back for that content.

It is a very good day for our future.

What would you have done had the court not ruled in your favor?

What was the other card you could have played if things had not gone as you had anticipated?

There were a lot of things we said.

With the possibility of doing.

We were not going to rollover and play dead, but the good news is, we don't have to deal with it.

We had other alternatives, but we don't have to deal with any of them.

The other alternatives were feasible and we would not have been her drastically, but this is a good victory for us.

As i said, for our future.

So the future aereos don't come along and say they can still content from the networks.

When you think about the future, there's so much technological change happening.

Do you think laws need to be strengthened?

Does moore need to be done to anticipate future aereos?

The truth of the matter is, aereo try to present a case that we were again -- against cloud.

Nothing is further from the truth.

We have changed drastically the way we deliver content to the public.

It is now going through satellite and telephone companies, going online through comedies like netflix.

We are moving along post-up no, these like cbs would be a successful as it is without been technologically advanced and savvy.

What this was, what aereo is doing is not about technology, it is about theft.

Yes, it is new technology and there'll be others, but right now because of the supreme court ruling, people will have to pay for our content.

And you will be able to get it in a variety of different ways, and that is what is exciting for us.

Let reconnect up from the aereo comments, the company saying today's decision by the united states supreme court is a massive setback for the american consumer.

They said, today's decision clearly states how technology works does not matter and this is a chilling message to the technology industry.

What message do you think the decision is sending -- by the way, it is a massive setback for aereo and aereo only.

Once again, they're arguing in front of the supreme court that it was to mislead the court into thinking that we were going to be hurting consumers.

With the consumer gets is the highest quality programming, which costs us a lot of money to produce.

And they will continue to get it.

What aereo was doing was basically taking our technology and selling it to the consumer.

Is that appropriate?


the people that produce the content are the people who should be able to deliver the content to the american public.

It should not be done by an illegal third-party.

Let's talk about transmission fees.

How much money do you think you will be able to make in some of these retransmission fees and being paid for your content as we move forward down the road?

Rightnow the system is very simple.

The tables companies pay as transmission fees and they give the public our content from the same with telcos and satellite companies and a variety of sources online will be coming to deliver our product to the american consumer.

Once again, they have to come to us to get a license for that to do that.

As a result, we will continue to deliver to the american consumer, the nfl, ncis, the big bang theory, cbs evening news, etc.

That is what this is about, having people license our content and is delivering it to the consumer.

This is very pro-consumer.

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