Caviar: The Winklevoss-Backed Food Delivery Service

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May 5 (Bloomberg) -- Jason Wang, founder and CEO of Caviar, discusses the company's food-delivery service with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)


The twins, people remember them, of course, from facebook fame, where they had a hand in the creation of facebook, and there was a settlement between mark zuckerberg and the twins.

Tell us about how you came to connect with them and what their relationship is with caviar.

Sure thing, yes.

Thanks for having me on the show.

Last year, we were in the midst of raising our seed capital, and we literally just went on angel is an received e-mails from someone on the team.

It was something interesting, let's talk, so we connected, and the winkle boss --winklevoss twins liked it, and they put in some initial investment, and overtime with the expansion in new york, we started working out of their space, and they have been very supportive of us and have been there when we needed them, and we are glad to have them on as investors.

Jason, describe where you started the company.

Where did it begin?

Was it in washington, d.c.? it was in san francisco around the summer of 2012, and the cofounders and i were coming off of another company, and we decided to give it one more shot.

This is what we were previously doing.

And the idea is that we were working out of the financial district in san francisco, we were wondering why we could never get any good food delivered to us.

So we went off and started talking to the best restaurant in the city.

We said, if you guys made the food, and we sent somebody here to pick it up and deliver it for you, is that something you are interested in, and every restaurant we talked to said yes, like we would love this, and low in bold, a few months later, we started caviar with a few restaurants in san francisco, and since then, we have grown to several markets and have 235 now.

Jason, i know you have raised, what, about $2 million so far in seed financing.

What makes caviar distinct from other food delivery companies?

Yes, so we partner with places that typically do not deliver, and other food companies rely on the restaurant to do the delivery, and we manage our own fleet of delivery drivers, so that is something unique.

No one else has access to the restaurants we have.

We only have premium restaurants and premium food from these restaurants, and we also have gps tracking, high-quality photos of every single dish on the menu, so you can actually see what you are about to buy before you order it.

If you're ordering it for your office or friends and family, we have group sharing, where you can order for an entire group with two clicks, and actually, we raised $2 million last year in a seed round, and we just announced earlier last week that we would raise an additional $13 million, and the whole fund raising has been $50 million to date.

The $50 million, give us an idea of the demand for the food.

Are some of the most popular items that people want?

You have to go back to some of the popular restaurants in san francisco.

We have ike's place.

It has been around for several years, the number one rated restaurant and most popular on yelp in san francisco.

There is always a line out the door.

People love the deep dish pizzas.

In new york, we have the doritos , extremely popular mission cantina, ever since they opened, and in another market, people are going crazy, and we are

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