Carvel Debuts New Ice Cream Shop Look

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April 29 (Bloomberg) -- Carvel President Scott Colwell discusses the company’s marketing strategies and growth on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

What is the biggest one?

Celebrating 80 years of serving america's freshest ice cream.

The biggest thing is the design of our new ice cream shop, which we just debuted two months ago.

That will be the growth prototype for the future.

Tell me about the express ice cream shops for a second.

Express shops are 100 to 300 square feet and they are ideal for nontraditional locations like airports, travel venues.

I am curious, because it sounds like you have got a lot of new initiatives being expressed.

How are you dealing with cultural change?

There are a lot of companies that have been around for many decades and as an outsider you come in and you want to drive change and initiatives.

What works for you?

That is such a question for carvell.

We have franchises in the system 30 years to 60 years.

I have spent time with franchise partners, learned what they liked best, we have integrated that into the go forward strategy.

The best example is how carvell coined america's freshest ice cream in 1978. we brought that back as our advertising campaign.

You have international operations.

You sort of want to streamline, not expand, so tell me about that.

The biggest thing we are doing with streamlining is for the full ice cream shops, focusing on the core markets.

The new york area, surrounding states, and southern florida, which is where we have a strong brand presence.

Because they go into high-traffic locations, they work in any place, nationally.

When i am looking at a situation like that, there is a new path forward.

You have worked with hostess, of course.

What i try to do is narrow the focus.

I find that limited resources are typically not cash.

It is management, energy, drive and focus.

It is odd to me that you have these 45 international locations on top of like a 400 core market in new york and florida.

Are those 45 ones that you inherited?

How do you deal with keeping your focus tight while you have that as an almost distraction?

Carvell is part of focus brands.

Ante end, cinnabon, carvell, they're all out there.

The international division manages the business and in many cases are co-brands.

Got you.

I wanted to ask about the dairy prices.

The dairy price index, looking at record highs, how do you deal with that?

The dairy market has always been volatile.

We have been fortunate over the last couple of years it has declined a little bit.

We are contracting sugar at the low price.

But at some point it is for consumers?

We had to take a slight price increase and they will take one as well.

A letter -- literally comes down to pennies per serving.

Staying with food, copenhagen , one of the best restaurants in the world.

A title they have held three times before.

What is so great about it?

The chef used for an ingredients in the new nordic cuisine.

Take a listen.

-- foreign ingredients, like ants, in the nordic cuisine.

Take a listen.

We go back.

Totally astonishing.


He used ants.

One of my favorites is chocolate volcano, which as their country -- crunchy chocolate and vanilla.

Ginger ice cream does well in certain markets.

Have you been to noma?

I have not.

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