Carriers Unveil Pricing Plans for iPhone 5C

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Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) – Bloomberg’s Emily Chang reports on today’s top stories in “Top Headlines.” She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Apple cheaper iphone 5-c is available for pre-order today.

He pre-orders are not allowed for the new more expensive iphone 5-s. both were revealed at an event at apple headquarters this week.

Both will go on sale in retail stores next friday.

The top u.s. mobile carriers are counting their plans for selling the 5- c, some offering it without a down payment.

T-mobile customers can get the 50- c 40 down payment.

-- for zer o down payment.

Verizon is offering it for $23 a month.

Lands to raise as much as $2 billion in an ipo with government funds that will maintain control after the ipo.

The company was set up last year when sony toshiba and hitachi spun off businesses.

Each own about a 10% stake in the company.

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