Carolina Herrera on Building a Style Empire

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Sept. 2 (Bloomberg) –- Fashion Designer Carolina Herrera discusses her career in the fashion industry and receiving the 2014 Couture Council Award. She speaks on “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Tomorrow you're going to be honored by the couture council with their annual award.

It will be held at a ceremony at lincoln center.

Awards are maybe not so active.

They are given to the people who are still active.

You will join the likes of michael kors.

A little background on how you got started.

I had my first show here in new york and i remember that show like the best in my life.

It was so exciting.

When you are doing something that you do not know very well where you are going and i love fashion.

What were some of the things that went to your mind when you offer up a new collection?

I am always with butterfrlies in -- butterflies in my stomach.

Fashion is about newness and the first question, what's new.

You have to work my is -- you have to work.

It is a challenge.

You have to come out with a new idea that does not get on the way.

What is the idea?

It is a secret.

You have written and spoken about how style is individual to the person.

You cannot go out on acquire -- [inaudible] you have to give an individuality.

Something different which belongs to.

Style is very difficult to describe but it is the way you put things together, not only what you're wearing but it is your taste in books, art, the way you talk and when you are getting dressed you have to get that individuality.

That is why i do not belong to mention trends.

That becomes your uniform every and -- becomes your uniform.

Everyone looks the same.

Rex many people follow these trends on they should not mainly because they do not realize they themselves have a store gotten more mature but they're wearing clothes that should be relegated to the past.

It is are important to know how to age in a way of getting dressed but you're used to wearing them when you were this scheme it is important for a woman to know what looks well and you.

Even if it is not very fashionable but it looks great on you.

Why not wearing it?

What about the power using necessities.

With his 16 no one wants to look like a christmas tree.

What do people need to learn?

Fashion is a dream but if it doesn't become a dream you are out.

Fashion is very dreamy and fantasy we have to be realistic.

If it stays in the closet it is not real.

It is not real.

What about the essentials, what are some of the things you would describe?

I cannot tell you only two or three things because we like to have a lot of things.

You could end up with a beautiful gown and you're not going to wear it but you hang it in the closet and it looks beautiful.

Very difficult to say what you should have.

Rex what would you like to see, and this collection, lots orders, lots of sales?

Of worse.

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