Carney: Obama Backs Senate Deal on Debt

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Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) -- White House Press Secretary Jay Carney speaks about the U.S. government shutdown and debt ceiling Senate deal. (Source: Bloomberg)

Three deputies, pretty much the entirety of the staff of the press office today.

Welcome, everyone.

Thanks for being here, as ever.

We can go right to questions, because i have no announcements to make.

Although i am sure i know what you are going to ask.


The white house reaction to the senate deal today.

The president believes that the bipartisan agreement announced by the leaders of the united states senate will reopen the government and remove the threat of economic brinksmanship that has already harmed middle- class families, american businesses, and our country's economic standing in the world.

The president applauds leader reid and minority leader mcconnell for working together to forge this compromise, and encourages the congress to act swiftly to end this shutdown and protect the full faith and credit of the united states of america.

And i assume that means he supports the provisions that are included in there, including the opening of the government and the raising the debt ceiling?

He does, he believes this

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