Carmakers Bank on Super-Luxurious SUV Trend

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Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Maserati is on schedule to boost sales eightfold in three years on orders for the new Ghibli sedan and plans to add its first sport-utility vehicle. Matt Miller discusses how carmakers are banking on high-end SUVs on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

I am joined by bloomberg resident your head, matt miller.

The maserati is a nice, sleek car.

Why are they interested in this?

It is a huge market and there is a gap that has not been filled in the extreme upper end, the real luxury side of the market just has not been catered to.

Last year they both introduced concept cars.

It actually looks like bentley is going to kind of take the lead in that competition.

The bentley suv is kind of making a huge splash at the franklin auto show, it is the one that everyone is talking about the most, costing $240,000. it will sort of be the ultimate chelsea tractor.

A real suv they would not expect from a company like this.

It is sort of the upper end suv's the offering more than, say, a range rover, in that category.

Is there a market, however, for this extreme luxury?

There is a story that has popped up a few times about the bmw boss tried to take the title back from mercedes.

The boss a bmw is not really a boss, it is the same as the one of the streets but it is just packed with electrical goodies.

Really, those kinds of upper- middle-class car makers are looking to the smaller sector to sell more cars.

Mercedes is looking to sell the pla, a little smaller.

Analysts think that they should improve the x one, one of the smaller wagons with a lift on that.

May be leaving some room for bentley at the top.

The interesting thing is that rolls-royce is thinking about breaking the mold of the 100 year-old company.

Thank you, matt miller.

Appreciate it.

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