Carl Icahn: `Day of Reckoning’ Coming

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Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) –- Icahn Enterprises Holdings Chairman Carl Icahn criticizes Venture Capitalist Marc Andreessen and Intuit Inc. Co-Founder Scott Cook in a letter to eBay investors over his proposal that eBay spin off its PayPal unit. He speaks to Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Meeting, and you have two candidates.

Going on the board there.

What happens if you do not get your people, carl?

The same commentary on corporate governance in general in this country.

At the risk of being immodest, we have been through chesapeake, forest, and so many others, motorola, where we had to clean up the situation, and i think a lot of people say we have saved these companies, or some of them, and you can go on 420 of them, and it would be a sad commentary, you know, if we do not get on the board, i think, but, you know, anything is possible.

I have been saying and railing against this corporate governance, and this is an example how something can happen and do nothing about it.

It is basically a sad thing for this country.

I do not think the market is high necessarily because companies are doing that well.

I think it is high because it is a bernanke-made market.

Bernanke is good, and he made it happen, but there will be a day of reckoning.

We still have pension funds still way underfunded, and they will be more underfunded if you take $4.5 billion away from companies.

So, carl, i spoke last week with the ceo of ebay, john

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