Capitol Shooting: Was the Hill Targeted?

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Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Peter Cook updates the latest news on the U.S. Capitol shooting. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Peter, do you feel better about things knowing the shooter has been taken into custody?

What are you hearing from lawmakers?

We have not seen too many of them obviously.

The few i have seen were relieved when they learned the shooter was in custody.

They are still looking for as many details as we are.

What happened here?

Was this something that involved the capitol complex.

-- the capitol complex.

Was this just something that would happen that?

I am at the russell senate office building.

I am literally a block and a half away from where this incident ended up.

I do not know where it began.

I think we can get more information on that.

I was talking with senator tim kaine from virginia in an interview that will air later.

We heard this whaling of sirens and a huge response from the police on the roadway -- we heard this wailing of sirens and the huge response from the police on the roadway.

We get that often.

It quickly became clear that this was an emergency response of some kind.

A lockdown in the capitol building.

We talked about that.

Lawmakers told to get outside -- inside.

My understanding is police huddled lawmakers in cars for fear of their safety.

We are trying to get more information about what happened since then, the nature of the injuries to at least one police officer, perhaps more.

It has been a dramatic series of days on capitol hill.

This adds a totally new complexion to it and one that i have got to tell you a lot of people on capitol hill are obviously shaken by what has happened here.

And of course, the safety of those officers that defend all of us on capitol hill on a daily basis.

Megan hughes, the fact that it happened that constitution and seconds, -- and second, our

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