Can Yahoo Keep Up in Online Content Battle?

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April 15 (Bloomberg) -- Olivia Sterns reports on Yahoo’s content offerings on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

As yahoo!

Places a premium on content.

Olivia sterns has more on why this matters ahead of the company's earnings today.

This is about a whole lot more than say katie couric.

Seems to me marissa mayer is really trying to make a play for content.


She is looking for the way forward, the next big thing.

She has said a big part of the turnaround strategy will be trying to find big hits with original content.

First she brought in katie couric.

Then she had a couple of big hires from the new york times.

Just in the past week, she announced she will bring in bobby brown to head up a new beauty section.

Also, the editor in chief of elle magazine who has turned that magazine around for her to come in and anchor new fashion coverage.

Really building out the content vertical.

What is key is all of the figures will try to build original video.

That is where the growth is and where the money is.

What does the analyst community say about this?

Some of the rumblings i have heard is you need to get people are real reason to watch.

Her snout of the itself it's to be that big and opinionated in that someone wants to go and hear that opinion online.

Everyone believes the original compelling video is where the money is.

If you can hit it big there, that will be of a gwen.

Everyone i have spoken to thinks it will not be enough to move the needle.

Folks like ryan wheezer says generally the big issue with the high-profile hirings is there is not evidently a coherent strategy beyond adding to digital video.

It is important but expensive and unlikely enough to turn the company around.

Investors want to see she has laid the groundwork over successful strategy.

He thinks the hirings to make sense.

Well she has been cleared the turnaround will be people, products of modernization, they want to see metrics around the product.

What you were just looking at is the fact that yahoo!

Is currently in fourth place.

That is something they will need to shake out.

Everyone is chasing this.

You saw the headline earlier from aol.

Everyone really wants to replicate the success of netflix and house of cards.

You see yahoo!

Building of native video programming.

They said they would be looking to acquire 30 minute programs.

They will spend big money, $750,000 per episode to do it.

That is another example of something that could drive traffic.

Maybe she should go after jon stewart.

It seems like everyone chasing the prize will not be enough.

These are all people who have a huge following.

Written many books.

Two shows on the sundance channel.

Katie kerrick has a huge following.

So the hope is that these people

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