Can Winter Storms Cool Off Holiday Travel?

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Nov. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Jeanenne Tornatore, senior editor at, talks with Deirdre Bolton about holiday travel hotspots and how travelers are handling a winter storm that’s hampering travel ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Not, like my good friend and colleague, going to complain about the music being played?

But what is the tone there?

How calm and how aggravated are the people?

For the number two busiest airport in the country, things are running really smoothly here.

Only minor delays on a few flights, systemwide so far this morning we have only seen 270 cancellations, which for the weather we are seeing is not too bad.

Granted, we have a full day at of us.

So, so far, so good.

As you mentioned, this is the second busiest airport after lax , but you do not see anyone camping out yet.

We just heard from matt miller, we know that he is at least delayed, not quite in his sleeping bag on the floor yet.

Things are moving fairly smoothly around the country, even in these areas where we are starting to see more delays on the east coast, we have not seen a lot of cancellations yet.

We did see the lines or security building at 4:30 in the morning, it will certainly be a busy day, but things are moving through very smoothly so far today.

You have access to basically everything on orbitz.

Did you notice anything this holiday season?

Certain destinations that are more sought after than others questioned mark -- others?

How is this evening in terms of timing?

This is certainly the biggest travel day, thanksgiving weekend.

When it comes to where people are headed, lots of people are headed home for the holidays, but for people with occasion destinations, orlando is number one.

New york, chicago, that is where the people like to go, do the holiday shopping, see the lights . the number one international destination for the week is cancun, a lot of people seeking the warmth.

A little bit of vitamin d infusion.

No doubt.

What about places where in the past that were hot spots that were not necessarily warmth, but places where people were buying a lot of tickets where perhaps this year there is less demand?

That is a great question.

Over the holidays it is pretty steady in terms of what we see for these destinations.

Orlando is always at the top.

Not a lot of people headed there this weekend, however, but it is at the top for new year's and the week after christmas, but you definitely see a lot of the city and beach destinations.

Orlando, cancun, denver, the gateway into the colorado rocky mountains.

What about prices?

How is the price of travel stacking up this year?

Slightly higher this year.

Airfare is up nine percent compared to last year.

Hotel rates are up slightly as well.

Nothing really significant, we have seen similar for people buying tickets for christmas and new year's airfares, up about eight percent over the christmas holiday.

People can expect to pay more this holiday season.

I know that some airlines you have to pay for an extra bag, some you do not.

Have you gotten any feedback from your clients the this is the decision-making factor?

I think that for most people it is something that people have really gotten used to or they have avoided it altogether, but i think that that $25 charge is sort of just part of the booking and what people expect to pay over the holidays when they are traveling.

People are willing to pay slightly higher prices to check those bags.

It will not make or break.

Janine, thank you very much, janine is the senior editor at, joining us live from chicago's o'hare international airport.

We are just a few minutes from the opening bell.

When we come back, the top 10 traits that you will not want to miss.

Keep it here on "in the loop."

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