Can Whitman Reverse H-P's Fortunes?

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Oct. 9 (Bloomberg) -- JMP Securities' Alex Gauna discusses Hewlett-Packard's analyst meeting and growth prospects. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

I think she and her other executives did a very good job acknowledging the problems hp has, the progress they have made , and articulating very clear goals on getting where they wanted 80. at that it was a very encouraging hesitation.

I understand why the stock reacted the way it did.

The results were prematurely late, but encouraging as well.

Overall i would say it was a solid day and hp has made solid progress.

It is her third year on the job though.

She's said she was going to turn the company around in five years.

She says the company will return to growth next year.

Is she still on target with that?

Is there a timeline?

As far as the benchmarks she set for herself and her team, yes.

There are encouraging developments real-time.

They are tracking toward another good quarter.

At least so far as there are services to track those numbers.

The company has the halo effect right now.

Apple is on track for it third consecutive quarter of year- over-year decline.

Can you point to one thing?

I think removing resources from businesses he reversibly in decline, putting adequate, but not too many resources into businesses holding the line, and in some way constructive to the business, and really doubling down with the growth drivers the company has in enterprise, in clout, enterprise class tc's and the like.

You talked about her competitors -- microsoft, it intel.

I think the good news for hp and four meg is that they acknowledge up front this is not an easy fight.

A five-year turnaround is not in easy turnaround.

And acknowledging they do have rivals in microsoft, intel.

That is an accurate assessment.

Understand what your challenges are.

Then you can manage them.

Asking employees to come back to the office.

Marissa mayer caused a big stir when she did something similar at yahoo!

I don't know if that memo exists or not.

I have seen certain employees at hp and their rivals take liberties with the virtual office scenario.

Her calling her employees to accountability and to show up is a very constructive policy.

I hope the memo is true for the sake of the company.

Where do you think they will be this time next year?

I think it will be in turnaround mode.

I think it will be making progress.

I think you will see them be a bigger force in tablet -- especially enterprise tablets.

And they will still be at the top of the food chain in printing.

All right, thanks so much for

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