Can White House Change Perception of Obamacare?

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Oct. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Julianna Goldman describes a White House in crisis mode as the Obama Administration works to change perception of the Affordable Care Act. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Plenty of them.

How is he doing so far?

If you go behind the doors of the west wing, uci white house in triage mode.

The president is not interested in a ceremonial firing.

They want to right the ship right now.

When the crisis is over, when they can breathe, to look back and see what happened.

The story i heard is when policy aides are concerned about the political noise out there, what is going to happen, he says, turn off cable news and turn on sportscenter.

That is sort of a management decade to get them to focus on the issue at hand.

He is coming into briefings with questions, with readings from outside of his briefing book.

He is being described as very engaged right now.

There is a management issue.

I was just going to say, what does it say about the management style?

We saw this in the campaign.

People were saying clinton was so helpful for his campaign because he was the explainer of things and a way people said, quite friendly, president obama failed to do.

This says he is the ceo of health care, of the white house, and needs to be explainer in chief, salesperson in chief.

He is not a micromanager.

He delegates to a small group of people whom he trusts.

It speaks to insularity, in some ways, of the white house right now.

But they do need to right the ship and a managerial way because i think that some of the issues right now speak to management lapses more so than technical glitches.

Do you think this is uncharted territory?


they have been dealing with crises for the last five plus years.

They see similarities to the oil spill where ecb daily error messages on the website.

But there is no playbook for this one particular crisis right now.

That is why they're just focused on cauterizing the wound, stopping the bleeding, and then doing a holistic review of what went wrong and writing the management.

And november 30, this is the day by which everything is supposed to be fixed.

They said they need the website to be fixed by november 30. and some ways that is because of thanksgiving.

Young, healthy twentysomethings will be sitting with their families and parents will say, you got to sign up for this.

They will need to be able to do that.

Fair enough.

Thank you very much, julianna goldman.

With this focus on obamacare, we are taking a look now at how much it really matters to the economy.

We bring in our economics editor michael mckee.

It is a question that maybe doesn't get asked in the context of the political debate.

Millions of people yesterday -- loser help -- loser help pay, but many don't. the cbo estimates the impact this year will be about $30 billion.

Largely because of higher taxes of top earners and some health- care companies.

While those continuing to 2014,

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