Can U.S. Survive `Group of Death’ at World Cup?

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June 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Eric Chemi looks at how Bloomberg Sports ranks the United States’ chances of advancing in World Cup competition after yesterday’s last-minute 2-2 tie with Portugal. He speaks on “In The Loop.”

To america posturing is, we are joined by eric.

That was a crazy game.

That was a crazy game.

With one minute ago, the u.s. had a 98% chance of winning the game.

Portugal had a 0% chance of winning and a 2% chance of tying.

That is why you do not know want to how the results happen, you just want to see the final score.

It is more upsetting to know that they could have one.

-- won.

What happened to the u.s. team now?

Now they have a 77% chance of making it into the knockout stage.

They still have a good chance of making it to the knockout stage.

They have a good shot.

It is going to be all about what they do against germany.

What are the odds here?

They have a 32% chance of winning or tying.

If they win, they are in.

That is why the could be ideas if it could be corrupt.

If they both tie each other, they are in.

If the other teams tie, they're both out.

It matters how both games turn out.

That is why they're going to play at the same time.

What if the u.s. loses against germany?

If they lose against germany, there is a chance to get in, but only if portugal or ghana wins their game and they win their game by a big enough score that they can keep the u.s. in the tiebreaker.

The u.s. wants the other game to tie.

If the other game ties, it does not matter what they do against germany.

There are a lot of scenarios to play out here.

Did you spend this weekend mapping out the odds of all of these teams?

I think a lot of people were doing that and a lot of people were getting it wrong.

You saw a lot of updates on twitter and a lot of corrections.

It is not that easy to figure out right away.

Thank you, eric.

To get the latest world cup news, analysis, and predictions, had to world cup --,/rio.

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