Can Twitter Use Gnip to Make Sense of User Data?

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April 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Nick Thompson examines Twitter’s acquisition of data startup Gnip and how it may impact the sharing of information on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Sir -- it's server.

Twitter has worked with gnip for a while now and they both enjoy this mutually beneficial relationship.

Why did it actually want to go out and buy the company?

That is the big mystery going on right now.

Twitter had access to for partners and they make about $70 million a year from licensing and it is going up.

Clearly, there is a lot of money in this, lots of money to be found by analyzing tweets will solve why did twitter by one of the four?

Apple just bought one, and maybe twitter was worried they would be bought by a competitor.

But it's not entirely clear.

The other thing is not entirely clear is how much twitter paid for this company.

Right, what we do know is that twitter bot gnip and then -- that twitter bought mt.

Gox gnip and we don't know what they paid for it.

It could be $19 million, but probably not.

Gnip's competitors feeling pretty good right now about access to the data.

Also i'm a -- also, access to competitors of twitter, do you think those sites will be given data yet complex they are not going -- will be given data?

They are not going to want to.

What does this tell us about opportunities going forward?

Everybody talks about twitter's ad business, but really, the ability to look at tweets and figure out what is coming to my what movies are going to bid -- to be big, where traffic is, what company should be marketed next to them all of that can conceivably be found inside the math.

It seems like data overload.

When i go into my twitter, i can catch it in the moment, but it's hard to go back and look at everything that has passed through in general because it has so much information.

That is exactly why you need algorithmic -- companies like.

-- companies like gnip it is a very hard problem.

This makes twitter's information more valuable, and also from a consumer standpoint in that consumers might be more prone to go to the site and use twitter and it might be more user-friendly in general because of this?

No, i think it separate.

I think what gnip is going to do is take structured data and sell it to companies.

That is what it does now.

So, bloomberg or verizon or mexico comes to it and said, we will -- or pepsi co.

Comes to it and says, we want to understand how people are doing this.

They are only doing it then for the company they work for, twitter.

There is a whole big social universe out there.

And if you're a company like bluebird or coca-cola, and you want to get information, are you

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