Can Twitter IPO Arrive Before Thanksgiving?

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Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Doug MacMillan updates the latest news on Twitter’s IPO from banks that have been added as managers, to the possibility timeframe of when the company may come to market, in spite of the government shutdown. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

In our reporter.

Boutique investment banks being added.

Very high-profile boutique investment banks, often involved in some of the biggest technology ipos in the past decade.

Not a big surprise they are getting involved, but we have confirmed they are involved in the ipo.

Joining the list with goldman, jpmorgan, morgan stanley.

We are getting ready for this thing and it is about to happen.

This is one of the last steps as you lock in your underwriters.

What are you hearing about the timing?

Our sources tell us it is happening this week.

We do not know what day or hour.

This is the revelation of the s-1, we will see their numbers.

Yes, a first look at their numbers.

Potential investors will have 21 days before the roadshow kicks off.

We are getting into high gear, looking like this photo before thanksgiving.

Obviously, the shutdown is a reality.

This could have an impact on the markets, impact on companies in the pipeline to go public.

Could investors be spooked by this, those in -- interested in buying twitter?

The sense we are getting is no, all systems are go.

The sec has been delivered in saying we are going forward as planned, no plans to hold up any ipos.

For all my reporting, it looks like folks out here are ready to go ahead of -- with the ipo.

Once the filing is made public, i know they have 21 days.

Are we expecting it to be longer than 21 days to go public?

I do not know for sure.

The way the ipo has been handled so far, they filed in july secretly.

They have kept it under wraps.

I would think they would want to keep that period of 21 days as convinced as possible, thinking about how they have done this so far.

Doug macmillan, thank you.

I want to go on the markets.

Julie hyman has been watching

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