Can Twitter Get to $1B or More?

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Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Gigaom Founder Om Malik discusses Twitter's likely IPO and compares it to Facebook's debacle. Cory Johnson also speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

I am joined again by gigaom ceo, om malik, and cory johnson is joining us.

Put this into context with twitter, given how closely we followed some of these other ipo's like zynga, facebook, groupon, and linkedin.

A lot of people are making comparisons to facebook, saying that is the most likely to parents and company.

I really think the groupon ipo is the instructive lesson here.

Because of all the problems had in filing and refiling and having to change their idea of how they countered revenues to conform with what the sec demanded of them, i think the way that process played out publicly, twitter will avoid that.

We will see the filings back and forth, but it will come in a torrent, in that window when they can release the documents and do the ipo as early as 21 days afterward.

I think groupon is the instructive one.

But i think some of these big deals are getting a lot better scrutiny than they did, certainly during the dotcom era.

I hope they include the churn r ate information, people going on twitter and then leaving.

That is important to understand this is nice.

You have to know how long the users are around and how they use the service.

Quite someone one final went from om on that issue . do you think that twitter can go mainstream?

Obviously facebook has more than one billion users.

Twitter has more than 200 million users.

But as you mentioned earlier, some able find it confusing.

Some people go and then leave.

Can twitter get to one billion or more?

I think that is their number one challenge, and i think they are working on it.

If you look at the changes they have made as a company, they are towards growth and users.

All the product changes are happening around that.

The reason they are doing it, they need these users to grow the revenues.

Those revenues are equally important for them to go public.

I think that is a challenge.

From what i have heard, they have a lot of resources that have been put in that direction.

We will be -- you will see my interview from earlier this year

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