Crime-Fighting Robotic Guard... for $6.25 an Hour

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Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Knightscope CEO Bill Santana Li discusses the company's security robots with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Joining me to talk more about it, the night scope cofounder and ceo.

Preventing crime with robots.

How do they work?

These are data machines.

They roam around 24/7. they can see, feel, hear, and smell.

Thermal recognition, gesture academician.

It can run license plates and look at doing a real-time map of an area.

You can have more eyes and ears for private security guards and law enforcement to do the job that much more effectively.

You started the company in april and you are ready have one available and not one tear?

We have about a dozen customers were next year.

We will start doing data testing.

We are running as fast as we can.

What kind of crimes can this prevent?

I can part of mark law enforcement vehicle in front of your home in criminal behavior changes.

These robots are five foot tall, three foot wide.

Physically being there at a school or big shopping area or shop -- special event or local community, that will detour a lot of crime.

Having the capability to be able to gather information ahead of an event to see their are two stolen cars here.

We do not know why but for people doing this rapid giant -- rapid hand gesture.

That is an idea to push the event to local community and law-enforcement that much earlier.

You are doing interesting things with the information.

Tell me about that.

Lex you can look at that day that not only for counterterrorism and forensics but something as simple as setting insurance rates.

What if you can combine it with mapping technology to find you the safest way home, not just the quickest way?

How much does one of these cost?

The equivalent of 6000 $.25 per hour.

We can triple shift them.

This is to deploy technology that is 80% cost reduction for our customers and give them an order magnitude capability.

365 thousand dollars per year?

30s x thousand dollars -- $36,000. what about false positives?

Obviously we are analyzing a ton of data.

The real on-site data we spoke of earlier we are analyzing.

For us to analyze and humans to decide what to do, and added

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